How to Build a Streamlined, Effective Startup, With Advice From Software Development COO Ryan Alvey

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How to Build a Streamlined Effective Startup With Advice From Software Development COO Ryan Alvey How to Build a Streamlined Effective Startup With Advice From Software Development COO Ryan Alvey

How can I grow a startup quickly and effectively?” That’s one of the primary questions that today’s entrepreneurs are asking, but no one seems to have an effective, concise answer. Luckily, that’s Tietronix, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer Ryan Alvey’s bread and butter. Ryan Alvey has assisted startup entrepreneurs across the U.S. and the globe in identifying and meeting their goals, as well as helping them to implement project management strategies that really work and find the team members that will best serve their mission. He offered his advice on growing a startup with finesse and strategy.

“Building startups starts with a clear-eyed, realistic, and sustainable mission,” says Ryan Alvey. “Whether you’re working alone, with a business partner, or with an already-selected team, you need to know your goals and your timeline for reaching them. If you have pie-in-the-sky, overly lofty ideas of where you’ll be in a year, or if you haven’t firmed up the steps you’ll take to meet your goals, your startup will likely fail.”

Ryan Alvey suggests starting with one or two overarching goals and working backward to meet a series of smaller stepping stone goals along the way. “Your timeline should be straightforward. Set hard, firm deadlines for yourself in terms of the steps you’re taking and the smaller goals you want to reach. Treat them as mandatory, not optional.”

Finally, Ryan Alvey suggests that growth can begin even on a shoestring budget. “Don’t spend too much money before you really connect with your audience or intended customers and see what works,” he saysRyan Alvey continues, “Those first 10 dedicated customers are more important than 100,000 social media followers who don’t really care about what you’re offering. Don’t be afraid to make one on one connections and start small and lean.”

Ryan Alvey is a Texas-based startup growth expert who is known for his skill in building, managing, sustaining, and coordinating teams across time zones and continents. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tietronix, Inc., near Houston, Texas, where he has developed globally groundbreaking software alongside NASA’s top engineers and implemented key growth strategies and project management systems for even the most complex projects.

Ryan Alvey works with teams of every size, from burgeoning startups to mid-size and sprawling corporations, to help leaders meet their goals and streamline entrepreneurs’ efforts in building and maintaining teams that are in it for the long haul. A communication expert and visionary problem-solver, Alvey meets every business challenge and technical problem with optimism and strength.