How to Create Irresistible Content with Scott P. Zack

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Scott P Zack How to Create Irresistible Content Scott P Zack How to Create Irresistible Content

How to Create Irresistible Content with Scott P. Zack

Scott P. Zack — How to Create Irresistible Content

When it comes to blogging, content is and always will be king. Discover how to create irresistible content that will continually draw in more readers with Scott P. Zack.


In order for your blog to be successful, it’s going to have to do two things. The first is that it will have to draw in a substantial readership if it ever hopes to get off the ground. The second is that those readers will have to be enrapt, engrossed and captivated by what they’re looking at. According to Scott P. Zack, a blogging expert, the best way of doing this is by creating engaging content.


It used to be that by posting often enough you would rank on Google. Today, however, quality trumps quantity every time. It’s for that reason that content on your blog has to be thoughtful, conscientious and add value.


Below, with Scott P. Zack’s help, we’ll look at the building blocks of how to create masterful content that your readers will love every time.


Follow a format and have a plan

“Content needs to be structured.” Scott P. Zack says. “No one wants to read a blog post that is just a solid brick of text or a jumble of words.” Follow a tried-and-tested format and have a plan in mind when crafting your content.


How-to guides, listicles with real information, case studies – these are all formats which easy follow and resonate well with readers.


Know your audience

According to Scott P. Zack, one of the main pitfalls writers have is that they’re not completely aware of the type of audience they’re reaching out to. It’s critical that you know who your readers are and that you gear your content in the direction of what matters to them.


You should create from your audience’s perspective – make the content they want to read.


Make your writing accessible

A mistake many writers make is using incredibly big words and lots of technical jargon. It’s a massive turn off to readers and comes across as pretentious. Readers are not interested in knowing how extensive your vocabulary is. They want solid, reliable and easy-to-digest information.

Remember, this isn’t a Shakespearean short story contest; it’s blogging, which means that your content should be compiled in such a way that information flows from you to the reader with as few hurdles as possible.