How to Create the Mobile Home of Your Dreams

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How to Create the Mobile Home of Your Dreams

kerri nettlesVan life is all the rage right now (just check Instagram if you don’t believe it) and Kerri Nettles gives you advice on how to create the ultimate mobile home.

OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2019,/ — Van life is a term you might hear being tossed around quite frequently these days. It introduces the idea (and something of a philosophy) of selling all your worldly possessions, buying a van, gutting it and redoing it into a mobile home, and cruising around the country or world experiencing all life has to offer – all from the comfort of your own home (on wheels). It might not be for everyone, but there’s a growing number of people gaining interest in buying a van and continuing this lifestyle. If that’s you, keep reading. Below, with the help of Kerri Nettles, we’re going to look at some of the steps you should take when creating the mobile home of your dreams.

Pick your van carefully

“Vans come in all shapes and sizes.” Kerri Nettles says. “And you’re going to want to buy one that fits your needs.” Limited space is a huge factor when it comes to van life, so determining how much square footage you’re going to have is important to know early on. Some vans are more spacious than others, but you’re also going to have to match this up with other factors such as how much mileage the van has, as well as its reliability. A favorite among van-lifers is the Mercedes Sprint – let that be your starting point.

Plan your design

According to Kerri Nettles, not all vans are built equally, and their designs change according to the whims of their owners. Remember the small space we talked about earlier? It’s going to be used to cram in everything you would need in an ordinary home. This includes a bed, table, workspace, kitchen, wardrobe and if you’re lucky, a bathroom. You’re going to have to design this very carefully, and utilize furniture that doubles in functionality (for example, a bed that folds into a couch). Use a computer program such as AutoCAD to map your dimensions and plan your interior before you start building it.

Get started and stick to a budget

Start building – but don’t let the costs run away from you! Kerri Nettles says that van conversions can easily spiral out of control without strict supervision. A good way of keeping costs down is to enlist some of your friends to help out with the build – it’ll speed up the process, keep costs down, and you can ‘pay’ them with free rides in a kitted-out van!