How to Effectively Drive Innovation In Your Business, With Insight From Senior Executive Andrew Malek

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How to Effectively Drive Innovation In Your Business With Insight From Senior Executive Andrew Malek How to Effectively Drive Innovation In Your Business With Insight From Senior Executive Andrew Malek

How can business leaders drive innovation and avoid falling into a rut? Senior executive, mentor, and visionary Andrew Malek offers insights into the evolving workforce, the role of technology, and the significance of fostering creativity in today’s workplace.

Whether you’re a CEO who wants to shift the way your teams communicate with one another or an entrepreneur hoping to cultivate a change-oriented mindset, you’ll glean important insights into the process of innovation with Andrew Malek’s tips.

#1: Remain Open to Change

Fostering a company culture of innovation starts at the top, says Andrew Malek. “You can promote the importance of creativity and experimentation all you want,” says Malek, “but if your top executives aren’t open to changing the way they do things as well, you won’t get far.”

While there’s a time to be methodical and stick to tried-and-true methods, you should set aside times when you and your colleagues across different teams and positions can feel free to explore areas for improvement and creative growth. Andrew Malek suggests, “Hold micro-brainstorming sessions regularly, whether digitally or in person. Full-fledged retreats a few times during the year could serve as catalysts for ongoing, smaller opportunities for collaboration. Make sure that everyone feels free to speak freely at any sessions you set up.”

#2: Form Smaller Communities for Collaboration

Everyone’s personality and creative flow is different. Some employees will feel comfortable in large group settings, while others won’t necessarily feel free to experiment and play around with new ideas except in smaller, more intimate environments.

Cross-team collaboration is especially important to shifting the mindset that many of us can fall into. Marketers should talk with engineers, says Andrew Malek, and C-level executives should be regularly interacting with team members at different levels. This will keep ideas fresh and new rather than remaining static. “Forming micro-communities across levels and teams can also prevent the kinds of miscommunication that can stop potential innovation in its tracks,” adds Malek.

Andrew Malek, former CEO/President of the environmental, planning, and engineering consulting firm AKRF, Inc., is an executive and visionary with an eye towards the best practices of the future. Andrew Malek served on the Board of Directors of an $80 million company, developed a strategic growth plan for the entire firm, and implemented financial improvements that increased annual cash flow and retained earnings resulting in improved working capital. Andrew Malek is known as a dynamic leader with a knack for spotting, attracting, and hiring top-notch talent. Andrew Malek cultivates growth and longevity and serves as a dedicated, inspirational mentor to his many employees and colleagues.