How to Grow Spiritually with Patrick J. Sasnett

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Feeling stagnant? Check out these tips on how to grow spiritually with pastor Patrick J. Sasnett

Are you not at the spiritual tier that you expected yourself to be at this year? Don’t worry! Life happens in a variety of different ways, and sometimes you’ll find that you’ve gone a few weeks, months or even years without memorizing a piece of scripture or confronting a sin you grapple with day to day. It’s fine – and it happens to all of us. What’s important is that you realise your spiritual stagnation and take steps to course correct. Which is exactly what this article is about! Below, with the help of pastor Patrick J. Sasnett, we’re going to take a look at some quick and easy tips to jump start your spiritual growth and get you on back on the path to God.

Read your Bible consistently

“The word of God is available to you at all times.” Patrick J. Sasnett says. “It’s right there in the Bible which means it’s always within reach.” Don’t have a physical Bible? No problem! There are tons of apps available which will connect you digitally to the Lord. The important thing is that you realise how to read and interpret the Bible critically, and that you do it consistently. Set yourself a goal and stick to it. For example, decide that you want to read the entire Bible in one year, then figure out how many pages you need to read each day to achieve it.

Participate in a Bible-study group

According to Patrick J. Sasnett, another great way of growing spiritually is to surround yourself with likeminded, God-loving individuals. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to participate in a Bible-study group. Together you can all revel in the love of the Lord while getting closer to Him as well as making friends at the same time. Together you can grow spiritually while also praying for whatever concerns you have on your heart.

Start a journal and track your growth

Journaling is a great way of not only recording your thoughts and tracking your growth, but also serves as a tool for interpreting the Word of the Lord as you read it. Patrick J. Sasnett insists that journaling is both a great tool for spiritual but also personal growth. By the end of the year you’ll have an accurate record of how far you’ve come spiritually and how much more you understand God.