How to Improve Your Copywriting with Scott Zack

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Scott P Zack How to Improve Your Copywriting Scott P Zack How to Improve Your Copywriting

How to Improve Your Copywriting with Scott Zack

Scott P. Zack — How to Improve Your Copywriting

When it comes to content marketing, the uses and advantages of blogging and blog posts are of the utmost importance. Not only do they provide compelling content that engages readers, but they also help a website’s presence show up higher on Google rankings and convert reading customers into paying customers.


But blogging well requires good copywriting, and that’s not something everyone has. According to Scott Zack, the amount of shoddy copywriting on the internet is staggering, and it all comes down to one thing – practice. Copywriting, like any other type of writing, is a learned skill, and below we’re going to list some tips to improve your marketing copy.

Write every day

“Like any other discipline such as learning to play an instrument, improving a skill like copywriting requires consistency and repetition.” Scott Zack says. “That means you have to practice it every day without exception. Before long, over the course of a few weeks, you’ll start to see noticeable improvements in your work.”

Write from your target reader’s perspective

According to Scott Zack, copywriting is not about you. You need to ditch your ego and write from the perspective of your target reader. Write the content they would want to read. Think about what would persuade them. Ensure it’s not dry and clinical; make it human, add humor and wit, let the words and sentences flow like music.


Understanding what your reader is looking for in good copy is half of the battle.

Don’t forget the basics

“You’d be amazed at the number of copywriters out there who don’t understand basic grammar.” Scott Zack says. “No matter how experienced you are, it’s never detrimental to go back to basics and brush up on the fundamentals.”


This doesn’t mean you need a university degree in literature, but understanding how and why grammar functions will put you light-years ahead of the competition.

Imitate copy you like

It’s said that imitation is the best form of flattery, but it’s also the best form of learning.


By putting yourself in another writer’s shoes (or head) and imitating their style, you’ll be able to see how and why they decided to write in that way or take that approach.


This isn’t the same as plagiarism – which is absolutely illegal and should never be encouraged – but it’s about using the similar strategies of the writers you regularly read to try and emulate the same feeling and impact that they have in their work, in yours.