How to Keep Seniors Connected to their Community? Griffin Living has a Plan.

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Seniors want to live in areas that allow them to be active and engaged in society. Not all seniors want to live their lives on the outskirts of towns far away from the lifeline of the community. This fervor for remaining integrated with the community is why there has been a shift in senior community locations. More companies understand that being in walkable neighborhoods with the convenience of storefronts, restaurants and social activities is growing increasingly popular. Walking is the number one preferred exercise for seniors, as it keeps them healthier, mentally sharper, and adds years to their lives. It also allows them to stay socially connected to their neighborhoods and communities.

Griffin Living, a developer, and operator of senior living communities, understands this new paradigm and has been strategically purchasing land that’s in close proximity to walkable neighborhood amenities like retail center and walking trails. For example, in Simi Valley California Griffin Living took the opportunity to revamp an entire shopping plaza as an interactive lifestyle community center and is developing a new assisted living and memory care community called VivaBella at Simi Valley in the renovated plaza. To do this they worked in close collaboration with the city’s citizens and the city council to create a space that was more than just a home for seniors, but also a neighborhood gathering place where seniors and the community could come together to shop, eat, visit, and play.

Paul Griffin III, CEO, and President of Griffin Living explains, “We wanted to provide the community, our store owners, and senior residents with an enhanced lifestyle experience with things like central fountains where kids could play and mix with seniors.” He continues, “For our senior residents this created the unique opportunity for them to feel more a part of their communities and have easy step-out-the-door access to safe walking, grocery, and drug store as well as places for their families to easily walk to catch a bite to eat.”

VivaBella at Simi Valley is scheduled to open in the second half of 2019. It will have 78 assisted living units and 23 memory care units as part of a 97,000 square foot building. For more information, go to