How to Prepare Your Home for Spring with Bryan Nazor

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Bryan Nazor How to Prepare Your Home for Spring Bryan Nazor How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Bryan Nazor Shares His Tips on Spring Home Maintenance Above and Beyond Spring Cleaning

Bryan Nazor As a homeowner, spring is a time that is full of maintenance that needs to be done on the home. This goes above and beyond getting rid of ill-fitting clothes and dusting, but the nitty-gritty work of maintaining a home after a long winter is vital, according to Bryan Nazor, a title and real estate closing expert.

“With every change in season, there is work to be done on a home to keep it properly maintained,” said Bryan Nazor. “The time of year the most work must be done is in the spring, when the house may have taken a beating from winter and is about to enter the summer months.”

Bryan Nazor shared his top five ways to ensure your home is maintained this spring.


  1. Check the Foundation

“After the winter comes to a close, it’s crucial to inspect your house’s foundation to make sure it’s in good shape,” Bryan Nazor said. “This ensures you catch problems early before they turn into a larger issue.” Foundation walls, floors, concrete, and masonry should all be inspected for cracking or deterioration. If bricks are losing mortar or cracks in the concrete floor is significant, it’s time to call a foundation professional to assess the problem and determine what fixes can be made.


  1. Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts tend to accumulate debris, leaves, and dirt throughout the winter. Spring is the time to clean everything out and reattach gutters that have pulled away from the house during the winter. “It’s a good idea to check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are draining properly and seal up any leaks you find,” said Bryan Nazor.


  1. Repair Screens of Doors and Windows

“One of the most common fixes that need to be made in the spring is fixing up the screens of windows and doors,” said Bryan Nazor. The screens should be cleaned and inspected for holes so bugs can’t climb in, and patched or replaced if large holes are found. Hardware that is broken or worn should be replaced and door hinges should be tightened and lubricated.


  1. Landscape

“Landscaping is more than about just looking good to your neighbors,” said Bryan Nazor. “Trim and clean up your yard and plants to make sure the yard is safe and nothing can damage the house.” Avoid trees disrupting a home’s paint or siding and trim things down to keep them neat and tidy.


  1. Check Window Sills, Door Sills and Thresholds

Repair and replace cracks if necessary, advised Bryan Nazor.