How to Succeed as a Radiology Consultant? David Kent Joslin of Sarasota Shares How He Did it in an Interview

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David Kent Joslin David Kent Joslin

After many years in the business, David Kent Joslin of Sarasota has succeeded as a radiology consultant. As a senior executive, David Joslin has put together multi-million dollar deals for prestigious healthcare companies. In his current role, David Joslin advises companies by identifying and solving issues that inhibit growth. Although he now has a successful career, David Joslin had to work his way up. David Joslin of Sarasota shares facts about his life, accomplishments, and projects in an interview.

What is your educational background?

“I attended Duke University and graduated in 1993 with a degree in history and political science. I worked for a few years before returning to school to get my MBA. In 2001, I graduated from Columbia Business School in New York,” said David Kent Joslin of Sarasota.

Your career has taken you to a lot of places. Where have you lived?

“Right after college, I moved to Mexico City, where I spent a few years getting experience and growing my network. I left Mexico for a great opportunity in investment banking in New York City and then in London. During my time in the UK, I worked as a financial analyst for an international investment banking firm. I also had the chance to do an internship in Panama City, Panama during business school,” explained David Joslin.

Why did you choose Radiology?

“During my time working in investment banking, I worked on many healthcare investment transactions. In 2002, I had the opportunity to serve as a co-founder and as a strategy and operations executive for InSight Radiology, a chain of outpatient radiology facilities in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After that experience, I realized I could make a difference and make a career as a radiology consultant,” David Joslin of Sarasota explained.

What kind of nonprofit work do you do?

“I collaborate with my local Habitat for Humanity Chapter in Sarasota. This past fall, we were able to build a home for a woman named Collette. I have more projects planned with Habitat for Humanity in the future,” said David Kent Joslin.

You’re also passionate about helping Puerto Rico. How can people get involved?

“Puerto Rico has been struck in the past few years with hurricanes Irma and Maria, but they also suffered through a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Although Puerto Rico’s residents are resilient, they need all the help they can get. Those who want to help can do so by sending cash donations. The Hispanic Federation Unidos program is a great organization. Donating Supplies to relief organizations is also a great place to start,” explained David Joslin of Sarasota.

David Kent Joslin lives in Sarasota with his family, where he enjoys cycling and playing golf.