How To Take Team Building To The Next Level With Bryan Paarmann

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Bryan Paarmann excels in team building and leadership, allowing him to show how to make an impact on businesses.


Businesses of today need to ensure that their staff is working cohesively together. As people are spread out across various departments and locations, this can be more complicated. Bryan Paarmann, former FBI, has a set of unique talents that can help with team building.

Bryan Paarmann spent over a decade heading up one of the largest joint terrorism task forces in the nation. He used innovative techniques to provide cross-organizational unity. Everyone on the task force, regardless of location, established commonality toward the goals that were at hand. He worked hard to achieve this through communication and training.

Businesses of today, across various industries, depend on Bryan Paarmann to learn how they can ensure that their own workforce is linked with a commonality to achieve different goals. Whether it is to boost revenue, achieve sales goals, or take the business to the next level in a new niche or with a new product, Bryan Paarmann is capable of providing the training to the staff while also establishing innovative team building techniques to put into place.

Bryan Paarmann spent over 30 years as a public servant with the United States government, including a position in the US Army as well as an FBI Special Agent. It has allowed him to work in times of peace and combat. This history has allowed him to apply various principles to the businesses that he works with in order to get results.

There are several ways that Bryan Paarmann can help with team building. This includes conducting public speaking engagements where he can talk at corporate picnics, team meetings, and more. He can talk to large groups about the importance of establishing cohesive teams and understanding why relationships need to be formed inside of the workforce. He can also take a more hands-on approach when necessary to run team-building exercises. This allows individuals to learn more about their co-workers and depend on them in various situations.

Bryan Paarmann continues to encourage businesses of all sizes to focus on team building as it enhances performance and ensures that employees understand their strengths and weaknesses. He believes that people are stronger once they realize that they have strengths and depend on others within their team to balance them by finding complementary personalities. This way, each person on a team shows their strengths without weaknesses being exposed because there is always someone else to provide the strength in a weak area.

Bryan Paarmann is based in New York, though he regularly travels around the country to provide leadership and team-building training to companies of all sizes.