Humanitarian and Detroit Business Leader Robert Shumake Donates 40-Foot Container of Clothes in Tanzania

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Humanitarian and Detroit Business Leader Robert Shumake Donates Foot Container of Clothes in Tanzania Humanitarian and Detroit Business Leader Robert Shumake Donates Foot Container of Clothes in Tanzania

Robert Shumake, a global humanitarian, philanthropist, community advocate, and business leader, recently announced his generous donation of a 40-foot container of clothing to a school in rural Tanzania. With the donation, Shumake continues his lifelong commitment to helping families, children, and students in need around the world.

“Poverty and material needs are widespread in rural Tanzania, especially among women and children,” shared Robert Shumake of his desire to help in the region. “Clothing manufacturing and distribution are not as widely available in the farther reaches of rural regions. Through my foundation, the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, we are donating both outerwear and underwear for all kinds of weather, including clothes, shoes, coats, and other basic necessities. We will work with the village, school, and government leaders in Tanzania to find out exactly what materials would suit their environment and needs best.” Shumake says the Foundation will also send along basic toiletries and grooming items for all genders and ages.

The clothing will be delivered in November 2019 and will be distributed by volunteers from both Tanzania and the Foundation. Foundation affiliates are expected to spend several days in the region to discern any future needs that they could meet. Possible future projects, says Robert Shumake, include food distribution, eyewear, baby clothes and diapers, and more durable, sustainable footwear for all seasons.

Dr. Robert S. Shumake is a noted business leader in the Detroit area, currently serving as the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, L3C, in the areas of real estate, technology, healthcare, energy, and housing, among others.

With his projects in Tanzania, Robert Shumake is continuing his ongoing work in international philanthropy. He is the President of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and founded the Shumake Legacy Academy for HIV-positive orphans in Ethiopia. In addition, he previously served as the honorary consul to both Tanzania and Botswana, so he is deeply knowledgeable about the particular needs of rural populations in the region. Currently, Shumake is also planning water projects in Kenya to promote sustainable ways of collecting and distributing clean water.

Robert Shumake is also a noted humanitarian and philanthropist. In addition to his work with the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, he has donated his personal funds and resources to thousands of homeless families in Detroit. The Foundation has provided over 200 college scholarships to students attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the country through the Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays and other funding projects.

For more information about how to get involved in projects like this around the world with your time or resources, contact the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation.