I Fund Philly Company, With Managing Partner Bryan Ziegenfuse, Provides Customized Real Estate Loans

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Bryan Ziegenfuse Customized Real Estate Loans Bryan Ziegenfuse Customized Real Estate Loans

Bryan R. Ziegenfuse Helps Provide Positive Borrowing Experience to Philadelphia 


Bryan Ziegenfuse

I Fund Philly is a company that exists to “create the best borrowing experience in the market.” The company uses a true partnership approach to supply seamless funding and a streamlined process, according to Bryan R. Ziegenfuse, a managing partner of the company. 


Many lenders make the process of borrowing money complicated or extremely lengthy and time-consuming. I Fund Philly believes in finding innovative solutions for quick turnaround time. Bryan Ziegenfuse, the managing partner, joined I Fund Philly in 2018 after a diversified 15-year career as an executive across the lending, capital markets, finance, and portfolio management disciplines. 


Bryan R. Ziegenfuse said he believes strongly in the “real estate is local” approach that I Fund Philly takes to real estate loans. The company works within the community to better Philadelphia and provide opportunities to its residents. 


How exactly does the I Fund Philly process work? The process is only four steps and leaves the borrower in control, said Bryan Ziegenfuse. The first step is to build your loan and select your rate, but the borrower is not alone in this process. Loan experts at I Fund Philly seek to understand the goals with the project and give options as they analyze the details. Next, a borrower must accept the terms for the project and pay an application fee. The third step is to complete the application, and finally, all that’s left is to close the deal.


During the process, I Fund Philly asks for a purchase agreement, property information, bank statements, experience, and information about the borrower and the property, according to Bryan R. Ziegenfuse. 


Almost all of the employees at I Fund Philly have been involved in real estate investing at some point in their lives, so they understand the process and how to make it easier and less of a hassle. Because of this, they are empathetic to client needs and cognizant of the importance of simplifying the experience of real estate loans, said Bryan Ziegenfuse. The process is transparent, interest rates are competitive, and the customer service is second to none. 


“We pride ourselves at I Fund Philly on having open communication, total transparency and providing the most pleasant and painless experience possible to our clients,” Bryan R. Ziegenfuse said. 


The two loan programs used are the Developer Construction Program (Flip and Fix) and Stabilization Program (Traditional Bridge Loan). These programs are used for their speed and reliability. For more information on I Fund Philly and the services they provide, visit ifundphilly.com.