Igor Krivoruchko Explains How Better World Properties is an Industry Leader in Multi-Family Real Estate

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Igor Krivoruchko Igor Krivoruchko

Igor Krivoruchko is a real estate professional with decades of experience that have led him to become an expert on the subject of multi-family housing units. Below, he shares how Better World Properties, LLC is an industry leader in multi-family real estate and what elements other developers should model after their practices.

A major voice in multi-family housing, Igor Krivoruchko has had his hand in developments across the country where he’s implemented a range of sophisticated features and resources. Recognizing Better World Properties as an industry leader, he believes other multi-family unit developers can model their practices after the LLC to optimize their own successes.

“The Better World family of companies lend some exceptional resources to real estate professionals, from property management and holdings to facility optimization and staff training,” says Igor Krivoruchko. “And it’s more than just their highly-beneficial offerings. Better World Properties shows true dedication and care for their Texas projects, employees, and residents.

Recently, the company shared this message,

“This week many are heading back to school. From kindergarten to grad school, students are our future leaders. We want to take this time to wish all of our staff, our apartment residents, apartment owners and their families, teachers, faculty and administrators a wonderful new school year filled with bright, new and endless possibilities. Thank you for helping us to make it a better world.”

Igor Krivoruchko says this small detail embodies why they’re such a successful company and why so many consider them an industry leader in multi-family housing.

“In addition to their caring attitude, they really do know apartments inside and out,” says Igor Krivoruchko. “Few organizations offer as many state-of-the-art offerings and unique vantage points for residents, employees, managers, and developers to take advantage of.”

Better World Properties provides full service apartment management solutions in addition to apartment process, performance consulting, and multifamily equity and financing solutions. They set themselves apart from similar companies by carefully crafting their business model to address the full life cycle of apartment investments. Instead of outsourcing to various companies to achieve a full range of solutions, they offer a variety of services to meet multi-family housing needs.

Among other areas of expertise, the company offers apartment property management, multifamily equity, deal formation, creative and custom financing solutions, multifamily investor services, training, staffing, apartment rehabilitation and reposition, multifamily acquisition, uncovering hidden value, disposition and multifamily process improvement.

With a focus on Texas, and with headquarters in Houston, Better World Properties leads the lucrative multi-family investments in the state. Having operated in Texas for years, the company intimately understands the state’s multifamily real estate market and where opportunities abound. Today, they offer full solutions to the ever-growing population in Texas with industry-leading properties and resources.