Igor Krivoruchko Explains How Tech Upgrades Draw in New Residents to Multi-Family Communities

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Igor Krivoruchko Igor Krivoruchko

Igor Krivoruchko is an authoritative voice in real estate, having acted as a residential partner and overseeing manager to many building projects in the industry. Here, he explains to readers how upgrades in technology can draw in residents to apartment communities and multi-family properties.

For two decades, Igor Krivoruchko has been a major force in the real estate market where he’s overseen a range of building and management projects. He’s found success building Class-A luxury apartment communities across the United States and turned his sights strictly to the development of multi-family properties since 2004.

In this time, he’s helped uncover the drive behind the surge in popularity of multi-family communities like apartments and condominiums. Igor Krivoruchko believes the lifestyle change and the outstanding amenities of modern, community-type housing are two of the biggest drives behind the rising trend. Among those amenities, he says, are a range of state-of-the-art tech features that utilize elements such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to maximize each resident’s living experience.

“In the past, owning a sizeable house with a big yard was the American Dream with people saving every penny to achieve this lifestyle,” says Igor Krivoruchko. “The maintenance required for such a lifestyle has lost a lot of followers in recent years. People today want easy living with built-in features and tech amenities that streamline life at home.”

Multi-family developments have sprung up around the U.S. in the last decade, with some sources projecting as many as a quarter-million new units to be completed by the end of 2019 alone. Developers like Igor Krivoruchko know that the right tech upgrades can mean all the difference in the world for potential renters at multi-family communities.

Advanced technology ultimately improves the renter’s way of life and expedites many chores or tasks at home. New, more sophisticated dishwashers in kitchen units can wash and dry dishes at a much faster rate while lowering water bills. Some community buildings install USB outlets during construction so all their units have charging ports for renters in nearly every room. More advanced appliances can connect with smart devices and programs to automate many processes and save renters valuable time and energy.

Additionally, remote work is a growing trend in America with many more people electing to work partially or entirely from home each year. Tech advances in apartments or condos are especially useful for these workers; resources like high-speed internet connections and savvy business or conference rooms on-site will certainly attract professionals who work remotely.

“Developers can see first-hand how the growth in technology and consumer products like smartphones are influencing buyer purchases on a massive scale,” says Igor Krivoruchko. “People crave technology and streamlining, and that’s exactly what developers should strive to provide in modern complexes.”