Immediate Future of Artificial Intelligence with Lee Bressler

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Immediate Future of Artificial Intelligence with Lee Bressler Immediate Future of Artificial Intelligence with Lee Bressler

Immediate Future of Artificial Intelligence with Lee Bressler


Lee Bressler – Immediate Future of Artificial Intelligence

New York’s Lee Bressler explores predictions being made around the next five years of advancements within AI technology.


Recent artificial intelligence technology breakthroughs paired with advancements in application program interfaces and continued widespread adoption of cloud computing architectures are set to drive AI further and further forward over the coming years, according to New York-based Lee Bressler.


An equity fund portfolio manager from New York City, Bressler explores a series of predictions made by S&P 500 global research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. surrounding the next five years of artificial intelligence innovation and implementation. “According to Gartner’s predictions, 20 percent of individuals in developed countries will be routinely using AI assistants such as Google Assistant, HomePod by Apple, or Amazon’s Alexa to help them with day to day, operational tasks within two years,” says Bressler.


Elsewhere, and in more business-focused applications and environments, AI will become increasingly transparent based on the Gartner predictions, according to Bressler. “Enterprise projects utilizing AI will need to become 100 percent transparent within the next five years if they’re to guarantee to fund if the predictions from Gartner are to be believed,” he adds.


Bressler continues, “it’s also suggested that as many as 40% of employees, including government workers, will be regularly and routinely consulting artificial intelligence powered support on a daily basis within the same timeframe.”


Gartner, however, is also quick to suggest that artificial intelligence will generate many more jobs than it destroys, according to Bressler. “They predict that it will become what they call a ‘positive net job motivator,'” he explains, “creating an estimated 2.3 million jobs while only eliminating 1.8 million roles in the immediate future.”


The Gartner study further goes on to claim that as many as one in five employees engaged in predominantly nonroutine tasks will also come to rely on AI to successfully undertake their work within five years. “Along the same lines,” adds Bressler, “artificial intelligence will generate almost $3 trillion in business value while recovering upwards of 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity within the same five year period.”


The last of the predictions focused on by portfolio manager Lee Bressler, he turns to multichannel retailers, saying, “Gartner suggests that efforts to cut sales associates in favor of artificial intelligence replacements will fail, meaning that sales professionals should remain safe from AI disruption.”


“At the same time, however,” he adds, wrapping up, “it looks likely that operational and cashier jobs could be disrupted between now and the year 2022, according to Gartner.”