Infinite Beauty Reveals the Technology Behind Its State of the Art Beauty Treatments

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Infinite Beauty Reveals the Technology


Infinite Beauty has earned their reputation for providing a number of LED, high-frequency, microcurrent and ultrasonic treatments, in addition to aesthetic technologies from industry leaders such as The HydraFacial Company.

LED treatment particularly has become more popular among Infinite Beauty‘s clients in recent years. The painless, non-invasive light therapy soothes and rejuvenates skin. It does so by utilizing waves of colored light to trigger collagen growth as well as countless other benefits.

Treatments are applied to the face, neck, decollete, torso, and hands, all of which are shown to benefit from LED therapy, says the Infinite Beauty. Treatments are selling fast, claimed the Boca Raton business owner.

Similarly popular, the micro-current technology used by Infinite Beauty. Uses low-emitting electrical currents to lift and sculpt facial muscles, lessening wrinkles and tackles other age-related skin complaints.




Galvanic therapy also uses a similar principle, applied to the skin through a conductive treatment gel. Results, according to Infinite Beauty, include improved oxygenation and blood circulation in areas treated cleansing of skin impurities, and increased penetration of any applied anti-aging products.

In addition to their high-frequency therapy options, Infinite Beauty reveals that specific currents are utilized to create a vibrating, oxygenating, and warm feeling on the skin. Benefits include; toning and hydration of the skin, coupled, again, with elevated blood circulation aimed at regrowing damaged skin cells.

Looking into more traditional treatments include, bio-brightening, a microdermabrasion cleaning, vitamin-C infusion, oxygen therapy, and collagen treatment techniques are also available across all 8 Infinite Beauty product lines.

Clients new and existing are invited to try one or more of Infinite Beauty‘s treatments. Which includes their signature facial, exclusive gold facial, and red carpet treatment among many others, at their nearest location.

Found in New York (1031 3rd Ave, New York City. As well as The Westchester Mall, White Plains, and Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City), and many more. In addition, clients may also sign up for a free VIP membership card. This will provide access to a range of exclusive benefits, special offers, and more.

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