Influencer Aggie Lal Releases New Book Instatravel to Share the Secrets of Her Instagram Success

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Aggie Lal Aggie Lal

Few Instagram influencers have gained the international recognition that Aggie Lal has through her posts and pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful cities and landscapes. Offering fans a peek into her life as a model, photographer, and Instagram influencer, she released her new book Instatravel on February 4th. 

Fans and followers know Aggie Lal for her breathtaking photographs in exotic locations around the globe. Still, she has developed a reputation as a fashion designer and activist spreading peace and love wherever she goes. She enjoys learning about new cultures and visiting new destinations and shares her experiences with thousands of Instagrammers today. 

On February 4th, Aggie Lal released her new book to the public that helps people capture their own stunning photos for social media called InstaTravel: Discover Breathtaking Destinations. Have Amazing Adventures. Capture Stunning Photos. In it, she connects with her fans and shares professional advice on taking the best social media pictures using a number of resources that are widely available. 

“There’s more to a successful Instagram post than just a great shot of pretty landscapes or a

beautifully colored image,” says Aggie Lal. “It has to tell a story or share an idea, and it has to

be able to connect with many people at once. There’s a subtle art to pulling off great Instagram posts, and I share what I know in my new book Instatravel.” 

Instagram has amassed more than 100 million Instagram users who post or browse through feeds most days (or every day, in some cases). Users like Aggie Lal post phenomenal photos that inspire and excite audiences, allowing the influencers to earn money from their endeavors. Many of their fans attempt to make their own engaging posts by referring to online video tutorials or articles, but Aggie Lal offers her own insightful advice in Instatravel, all in one convenient location.

In her book, Lal teaches readers how to turn their fantasy shots into Instagram-worthy photos using the same tools and tricks she relies on. As one of Instagram’s pre-eminent travel influencers, she’s proven her talent and capability through her work, which translates to stunning images and tutorial sections in her new book. A remarkable collection of photos and advice, Instatravel is as perfect on the coffee table or display shelf as it is in readers’ hands. 

Ahead of the book’s release at the beginning of February, Aggie Lal donated all money made in the two-week Instatravel presale run to firemen preventing the encroachment of the Australian fires and those people and wildlife most affected by it. In addition to this and other outreach efforts, she also champions causes such as the better treatment of animals, more respect for indigenous people, and a kinder, gentler approach to sharing life together. 

Instatravel is available for purchase online today.