Instagram Influencer Aggie Lal Shares Photography Resources That Replicate the Look and Feel of Her Own Posts

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Aggie Lal Aggie Lal

Aggie Lal has developed an international reputation both as a successful entrepreneur and Instagram influencer with thousands of followers. Through a set of purchasable Adobe presets and a new book, Lal helps her fans and other Instagram enthusiasts capture the vibrant look and feel of her posts in their own photos.

 Ever since becoming an Instagram influencer, Aggie Lal has gained a worthy reputation for her posts of exotic international destinations. All her photos are stylistically edited to reveal crisp, vibrant colors along beaches, resorts, hillsides, lush forests, and more. She has amassed thousands of followers and developed a full-time career on Instagram in addition to other ventures, such as her chic bathing suit line made from recycled fishing nets.

Aggie Lal was born in Poland, currently lives in Los Angeles, and trips often to some of the most beautiful getaways around the world while providing her followers front seat rows to all the sights. Lal considers herself a global citizen who loves spending time in nature and chasing adventure while seeking inner peace and self-fulfillment in her day-to-day. She holds a passion for learning about people and cultures around the world, imbuing her Instagram feed with posts representing just that.

She began her website a while back and named it “Travel in Her Shoes,” a proper title for the types of posts she created for her audience. Although the name has changed since then, her site still experiences high traffic volume, which allows her to earn money from her travels and her posts. In addition to sharing international cultures and destinations with her audience, Aggie Lal also champions causes like better treatment of animals, more respect for indigenous people, and a kinder, gentler approach to sharing life together

Her photos are some of the most professional-looking influencer posts on Instagram, and she likes to help her fans achieve the same look in their own images. To allow them to replicate the same effect and stylings in their photos, she’s created a series of resources available for purchase online and will publish a book next month entitled InstaTravel: Discover Breathtaking Destinations. Have Amazing Adventures. Capture Stunning Photos.

In addition to her new book, Aggie Lal has also created a series of presets available on her website that removes a bunch of the editing work required to get the look of her posts. She explains that presets are a combination of filters that are available in programs like Adobe Lightroom (Lal’s personal preference) that allow photographers to create specific looks in their pictures or enhance certain aspects to be more aesthetically appealing.

“The more you grow as a photographer, just like with any other art, you start developing your own look for your photos,” Aggie Lal says. “There are so many things that influence the outcome, but I hope these presets will become the highlight of my fans’ and followers’ photography journey.”