Instagram Star Aggie Lal Offers Lightroom Presets Helping Novices Achieve Expert Quality Pictures

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Aggie Lal Aggie Lal

Aggie Lal connects with audiences around the world through Instagram, where she posts beautiful photos of exotic locations she travels to. In addition, she offers online courses and Lightroom preset collections for purchase on her website so even novice Instagrammers can achieve her professional look in their photos. 


Knowing that it’s not easy getting a great shot for Instagram, Aggie Lal has created a range of resources that help her followers and interested Instagrammers improve their photographs. In her courses and purchasable preset collections, she goes into what makes for an exceptional photo and how users can bypass years of practice to easily produce professional quality photos in no time. 


Aggie Lal explains that presets are very similar to filters in that they manipulate photos to bring out the richer color and detail that camera lenses may fail to pick up. Her preferred program to achieve the distinct look of her photos is Adobe Lightroom, and her presets rely on the same platform. She has divided her most useful presets into a few collections: Happy Blues, Perfect Greens, Cozy Warms, Magic Sunsets, and a brand new series called World Tour. 


“When I arrive in a new location like Bora Bora and want to get that perfect color of water, I think back to the last time I needed to edit a photo with crystal blue water and start by testing my presets from Jamaica or the Bahamas,” says Aggie Lal. “Since it’s not as easy for users to know the backstory of each preset, I divided the presets into distinct collections to help them navigate around them.”


While the first four presets are self-explanatory, the last one is a mix of her recent travels across Asia, South America, Caribbean and Europe and says it’s the most diverse and advanced of them all. Aggie Lal tells us that each collection name is an indication of what kind of locations the presets would work best for. For example, she says sometimes a sunset preset will work great in a jungle or a happy blue preset may work best for a sunset photo. The names are just a suggestion of how she uses them, and she recommends users play around to achieve their own special look. 


Aggie Lal’s presets are also divided into mobile and desktop: her mobile presets are designed for the free mobile app called Lightroom CC, and will only work on users’ phones. Desktop presets are designed for a desktop software Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, and will not work on users’ phones. To use the desktop preset, she says users will need to pay a monthly subscription to Adobe of $15 a month. However, Lal tells us the desktop presets are more powerful and capable and that it really boils down to how serious users are about photography. 


But through these presets, she says, anyone can achieve influencer-level images that never disappoint!