Insulating Factory Tanks Made Easy By Stuart Burchill

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Stuart Burchill Insulating Factory Tanks Stuart Burchill Insulating Factory Tanks

Even the largest equipment can be insulated using Stuart Burchill’s patented nanotechnology solution.

There are many key components needed to operate a factory efficiently. Machinery that functions properly is a factory owner’s biggest asset but can also be one of their biggest challenges. Many people don’t realize the necessity of insulation in a factory setting. It helps maintain temperatures inside equipment and protects employees from dangerously hot materials.

Standard forms of insulation are made of materials like fiberglass or mineral wool that have to completely cover equipment and be reinforced to stay in place. These older forms of insulation can be both time consuming and expensive to apply. If that isn’t bad enough, they can’t withstand outdoor conditions. Moisture will cause corrosion under insulation (CUI), leaving factory owners with even bigger problems than they started with.

So what happens when a factory is faced with insulating tanks that are multiple stories high? Insulation must be able to wrap around the entire object, hold up to weather conditions, and resist chemical splashes. Stuart Burchill created the ultimate solution for equipment of all sizes: Heat Shield EPX-H20.

This innovative spray-on insulation uses patented nanotechnology to easily coat objects of any size or shape. Heat Shield EPX-H20 is an economical, long-lasting solution for insulating large tanks that hold things like fuel, asphalt, chemicals, and more. Stuart Burchill’s revolutionary technology can be sprayed on hot equipment, meaning no downtime on the production line. It prevents unwanted issues like corrosion and holds up to extreme conditions.

Benefits of Heat Shield EPX-H20:

Long-lasting insulating performance
Resistant to rain and moisture infiltration
Prevent corrosion and CUI
Can be sprayed on while tank is in service and warm/hot
Splash resistant to chemicals
Easy to apply – It’s just like painting!

Stuart Burchill’s spray on insulation can be found on big projects around the country. Heat Shield EPX-H20 has been proven effective on tanks that hold sulfur, methanol, black liquor, and biodiesel. It has also been used on onshore and offshore oil storage tanks, deaeration tanks, and digester tanks.

Stuart Burchill and his team also provide demonstrations to show the drastic change in temperate after application. Heat Shield EPX-H2O will save money by protecting equipment from outside elements and also by accounting for heat loss and gain.

For a price estimate, contact Synavax with your tank dimensions, operating surface temperature, and goals for acquiring insulation. Stuart Burchill’s team will send a custom specification right away.
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