International Businessman Robert Shumake Donates 3,000 Books for Orphans Living with HIV in Ethiopia

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Robert Shumake Books for Orphans Living with HIV in Ethiopia Robert Shumake Books for Orphans Living with HIV in Ethiopia

International businessman, Robert Shumake continues to make a difference in the world. Robert Shumake donated 3,000 books to orphans living with HIV or AIDS in Ethiopia. His philanthropic efforts derive from the need “to enhance the world in which we live.” With this effort, Shumake made a difference in the lives of thousands of students in the African country.

Robert Shumake, his children and a group of friends made the trip to Addis Adaba, the capital of Ethiopia. During the 5-day trip, Robert Shumake and his group provided their support to the orphanage and learning center. The 3,000 students, at first, received food, toiletries, clothing, and other essential items.

The learning center’s project manager showed Robert Shumake the lack of library and other essential school supplies the students needed. Prior to Shumake’s arrival, the ravished learning center only counted with 50 books due to the economic hardships faced by the community of orphans living with HIV or AIDS. Upon witnessing these unfortunate circumstances, the group led by Robert sought out to help. After searching at countless markets, the group bought an entire curriculum worth of books for every student.

Robert Shumake and his family did not stop there. After completing the “exhausting yet fun” task of acquiring the books, they set out to restore other areas of the school. The group fashioned painting supplies out of bamboo, recycled oil pans, and other items to bring a little color to the learning center. Shumake’s children and the rest of the group painted the center the brightest shade of blue they could find using the improvised tools.

Thanks to their generosity and collective efforts, the learning center now features the Shumake and Friends Legacy Academy – a library with books for every student.

The experience touched the lives of everyone involved in the project. Shumake’s son, Diop, was deeply touched by this experience. “We really got to see how blessed we are,” Diop said.

For Robert Shumake, the opportunity to share this experience with his children and make a difference in this particular community was priceless.

Robert Shumake has an extensive portfolio of his philanthropic efforts in his community and around the world. The many divisions of the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation support countless humanitarian projects to improve education and the overall betterment of life.

Robert Shumake credits his success to his ability to chase a double bottom line: “I always want to promote the ‘Double Bottom Line’; make a profit in business and make a difference in the community.” In 2015, the International Human Rights Commission appointed Robert Shumake as “Ambassador” and Special Diplomatic Advisor. His philanthropic work also earned him the title of Honorary Council in two countries: The Republic of Botswana to the United States; The United Republic of Tanzania to the United States.