Investment In Artificial Intelligence Needs Investments in Mental Health Says Dipanshu Sharma

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Dipanshu Sharma Investment In Artificial Intelligence Dipanshu Sharma Investment In Artificial Intelligence

When there was a choice between investing in AI or its aftermath i.e job losses and increased stress and anxiety, serial entrepreneur Dipanshu “D” Sharma, chose to invest in mental health

In the summer of 2018 Dipanshu Sharma and his wife, Julie Sharma, were pondering on whether to start their next venture with a focus on AI and Machine learning or start something that deals with the aftermath of its impact on society.

This lead to understanding what impact AI is going to have on the future american workforce. AI or machine learning, as exemplified at IBM, is technology that learns as it goes, specifically by ingesting and crunching lots of data. Computer systems like these learn on their own, without human intervention. IBM chief executive Ginni Rometty said the company sees a huge opportunity—$2 trillion worth—in this market over the next decade.

Another famous AI investor Dr. Kai Fu Lee in his latest book AI Superpowers, outlines how millions of suddenly displaced workers must find new ways to make their lives meaningful, and how government policies will have to deal with the unprecedented inequality between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” Even worse, Lee says the transformation to AI is already happening all around us, whether we are aware of it or not.
Increasingly today and in the future we tend to find meaning by keeping our minds busy with social media, gaming or other forms of entertainment. So what should we do about a future (with AI/Automation) that makes us increasingly unhappy, stressed and anxious.
Bronnie Ware, Author of bestseller: Top five regrets of the dying says “By learning to focus our minds in meditation we begin to take back ownership of our own thinking thus giving ourselves a choice of consciously choosing our thoughts and therefore create happier lives”

So the future with AI is going to happen, Dipanshu Sharma and Julie Sharma launched to deal with its impact.

Dipanshu Sharma and Julie Sharma created so that gurus or monks hold live, interactive classes that are securely streamed to members across the world. The focus is on stress and anxiety. As most people have a tough time closing their eyes to go inward and try to deal with what’s going on in their minds, offers basics like “Introduction to Meditation” which is a free Live class that anyone can join and learn how to practice meditation. At the end of the class users share how they feel, what challenges they have and ask our teachers for suggestions on how to deal with such challenges.

In addition to these live classes, has audio and video based on-demand classes so that clients have 24/7 access to meditation and movement in the workplace, anywhere in the world. Also, Dipanshu Sharma has implemented the concept of courses and panels. gurus hold 4 to 8-week workshops on subjects such as intuition, stress reduction, meditation, healthy sleep, and more. With panels, Julie or Dipanshu hold a fireside chat with the guru or monk and welcome live questions from the attendees, helping foster learning.

Dipanshu said “Julie and I ask any CEO or investor investing in AI to invest in mental health, stress reduction for your workforce. For every dollar spend in AI, at least 1 cent can be invested in mental well being of your team. Say yes! to training your teams on how to meditate”

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