Is an ICON Students Waterloo Apartment Right for You? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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When you first consider moving out of your parents’ home, the living space options can be a little overwhelming! Should you rent a pre-fab unit in a complex? Sprawl out artfully in a loft? Opt for an older building that’s chock full of charm and character, but also drafty and expensive to heat? Try condo living? Join a fraternity or sorority and live with other pledges? Or is luxury student living at ICON Students Waterloo right for you? Each of these accommodations has its advantages and downsides, so we’ve created this fun quiz to help you decide!Luxe London Waterloo Ontario

1. When it comes to your neighbors, would you rather:
A. Live among fellow students, so that it’s easy to socialize and give each other moral support.
B. Not know anyone’s names; the people who live next door or downstairs are neighbors, not friends.
C. Be surrounded by your closest buddies — and a few classmates who can help you cram for exams.

2. After a day jam-packed with classes, labs, club meetings, study groups, and trying to catch professors during their office hours, all you want to do is:
A. Relieve some stress with a restorative yoga session or a half-hour on the treadmill, then catch a movie.
B. Eat a spartan dinner of thin gruel, turn off your phone so no one can interrupt your solitude, and get to sleep by 8 p.m.
C. Bring your besties back to your place, order in some Chinese food, then spend the evening playing Overwatch on your Xbox.

3. How do you like to get yourself to classes?
A. A short walk. You love living as close to campus as possible, so you can pop home for meals or meet classmates at the library on a moment’s notice.
B. Drive your behemoth ‘75 Dodge Charger, which you inherited from your grandfather and are determined to drive into the ground. Never mind the expense of gas and insurance or the hassle of finding a parking spot.
C. On your bike. It’s good exercise, there’s no waiting for public transportation, and it’s more environmentally friendly than driving.

4. What’s your M.O. when you start to feel hungry?
A. Cook up delicious, healthy foods at home. There’s something therapeutic about making a meal from scratch, and it’s a true pleasure when you have high-end appliances. Plus you can prepare anything your cravings desire!
B. Take your chances at the cafeteria, or freeload off that one friend who always attends class with plenty of snacks.
C. Stroll down the street and scope out the many restaurants, cafes, and takeout places in the neighborhood. It can be hard to decide, but since you live so close, you’ll be able to try them all eventually.

5. Which environment makes you feel most focused and productive when you really need to study, read for class, or write a paper?
A. A quiet workspace dedicated solely to studying, where no one will interrupt your concentration. If you are heading up a group project, a larger but similarly secluded space that you can reserve ahead of time is ideal.
B. A crowded library. Sure, there are lots of distractions and it can be difficult to actually accomplish anything, but that’s where college students are supposed to study! Right?
C. Your own space. It’s convenient, comfortable, and private, and you have everything you need — a washroom, drinks, snacks, all of your textbooks and notebooks — close at hand.

Ready to learn what type of living space will be your best bet? Tally up how many As, Bs, and Cs you have, and read on for the results of the quiz!

Mostly As
It’s pretty clear that ICON is the perfect living arrangement for you as you earn your degree! Billed as the “next generation of student living,” ICON has plenty of practical advantages as well as fun perks. All apartments are fully furnished and provide designer kitchen appliances, in-suite washer and dryer, and a 42”-inch television for epic game nights or binge sessions. Or if you’re tired of Netflix’s offerings, see what’s playing at the onsite cinema!

Mostly Bs
You seem to be awfully serious about everything, and maybe just a tiny bit out of touch. Not to worry, though — after all, the university years offer a fantastic opportunity to expand your mind, challenge yourself, and learn new things from friends and professors. You can start by switching up your living sitch and seeing what things are like at ICON Students Waterloo! Chances are you’ll fall in love with its 24-hour fitness center, dedicated yoga studio, and quiet, private study spaces for individuals or groups.

Mostly Cs
We have a hunch that you’ll find plenty to love about living at ICON Students Waterloo. Bring your closest BFFs to share a Bond, Rubix, or Quad apartment. Enjoy close proximity to the University of Waterloo and other nearby schools, as well as many great eateries and establishments in the neighborhood. When your day’s classwork is done, meet up with other students in the casual, comfortable lounge or the rooftop patio. Challenge your roommates to a game of billiards or table tennis in the game room, or destress with some old-school arcade games.

ICON Students Waterloo is now leasing for May and September move-in dates. Visit our website or schedule a tour to learn more about all of our benefits and amenities!