Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck 100th Goal with Sentinels

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Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck

The Sentinels Honor Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck for His 100th Goal


Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck of Circle Pines, Minnesota will be honored by his fellow team this Sunday for scoring the 100th goal of his soccer career. His team, the Sentinels, of Anoka County, plan to honor his performance by welcoming him into the school’s Hall of Fame.

Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck began playing soccer at an early age and quickly rose to fame in Circle Pines, making history as the only soccer player in that area to score in 12 straight matches. Jake plans to go to school for mechanical engineering but has high hopes of obtaining a full scholarship to Syracuse. Syracuse has the best program in the nation, Lindbeck is setting his goals high.


“Circle Pines should be honored to have such a talented player”


Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck


“It is not human sometimes, we joke around that he is a robot designed just for soccer,” says his coach, when discussing Jake Lindbeck’s performance. “How anyone can come in and accomplish what he has in such a short amount of time absolutely blows my mind. He has only been playing for 4 years!” As for Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck, he’s a little more humble, “I just come to practice every day like anyone else. You would be surprised at what happens when you commit 100% to something.”

Jake Jolan’s mother has always been supportive of his passion ever since he could walk. Although she tried, it wasn’t until several years ago when Jake finally started playing. In fact, she hasn’t missed one of his games in the four years he has been playing with the Sentinels.

“Circle Pines should be honored to have such a talented player,” said one fan after the game on Sunday. “The things this kid can do on the field is like nothing we’ve ever seen in Anoka. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes pro.”

Lastly, as for Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck, he’ll continue to take it one day at a time. Pursuing his degree before thinking of a career in professional soccer.

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