James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Uses Alternative Dispute Resolution for Legal Cases

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James Hardy Uses Alternative Dispute Resolution James Hardy Attorney Connecticut

As of the start of 2020, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut began to offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to individuals who have entered legal cases.

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Believes in the Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

According to James Hardy Attorney Connecticut, it’s usually not a pretty thing to have to bring a legal case to court. Drawn-out battles in the courtroom tend to cost the litigants a great deal of money and effort, leading to headaches for everyone involved. This is why he thinks it’s important to have a work-around that helps to avoid all of this. That comes in the form of alternative dispute resolution.

Not only can you save funds and effort, but you also can save time by going through such measures. James Hardy Attorney Connecticut states that lawyers won’t have to conduct the discovery phase of the legal process with ADR. There is more of a settlement discussion and things tend to go more smoothly than they would if the case were brought up for a trial. Attorneys like James Hardy Attorney Connecticut don’t have to request higher fees this way.

The ADR Process with James Hardy Attorney Connecticut

Lawyers like James Hardy Attorney Connecticut help the parties to find an arbitrator. Both parties’ attorneys will decide on the arbitrator together which is certain to make matters easier. One of the top benefits of arbitration is that it helps the parties come to a decision faster since there is no appeals process involved. Since many of the clients that work with James Hardy Attorney Connecticut just want to get through their cases quickly, this is a definite plus.

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Conducts Hard Work and Gets Results

It’s not every day you find a lawyer who makes it a point of pride to reduce the length of their clients’ cases, but that’s just what you’ll get with James Hardy Attorney Connecticut. He started the Hardy Law Group in 2012, after serving in the State Attorney’s office in Prince George’s County of Maryland. He also was a member of the U.S. Army and Air Force and this is where he truly learned the meaning of honor and determination.

It’s clear that James Hardy Attorney Connecticut will see all changes and opportunities through, including more encouragement of ADR, acting as a speaker on family law and bankruptcy topics, and his mentorship of new lawyers.