Janik Roskovani Demonstrates Key Fundamentals of Marketing a Business

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Janik Roskovani Janik Roskovani

Entrepreneur and leading contracting company owner Janik Roskovani shares four key business marketing fundamentals.

According to Janik Roskovani, owner and founder of Los Angeles-based JR Builders, which specializes in commercial build-outs, luxury residential remodels, and new home construction, a number of core underlying principles are key to successfully marketing a business. A leading name in the Los Angeles contracting industry, Roskovani reveals his four most significant fundamentals, each of which, he says, is essential for marketing to succeed.

“The most essential aspect of marketing,” Roskovani begins, “is to focus on customers in the desired target market.”

This, he says, is something which many businesses, somewhat inexplicably perhaps, overlook. “Businesses need to effectively target the right market, their goals, their needs, their aspirations, and more,” adds the entrepreneur. A lack of direction, Janik Roskovani says, often equals a costly waste of marketing efforts.

Similarly important, according to the JR Builders owner and founder, is segmentation. “Treating all customers the same is another common strategic marketing mistake,” he explains. In-depth customer segmentation based on relevant characteristics from industry or geographic area to product or service line is essential for effectively reaching customers, Roskovani believes. “Along the same lines,” he continues, “is differentiating.”

“Failing to use marketing as a vehicle to differentiate a business can be fatal,” Roskovani goes on, “because sooner or later, the business ends up looking like a generic commodity.”

When that happens, Roskovani suggests that the business is then forced to compete solely on price. “At that point, it’s a race to the bottom,” he adds.

Last among Janik Roskovani‘s four key fundamentals of marketing a business is retaining customers. “It goes without saying that marketing is, by and large, an effort to acquire new customers,” he explains. The same marketing, however, should, according to Roskovani, also be used to retain customers as well as keeping them engaged long after a sale is made, or a project is completed.

The cost of acquiring a new customer, he says, can be five times higher than the cost to retain one. “While marketing certainly isn’t the sole factor in the customer retention process,” adds Roskovani, wrapping up, “it definitely goes a long way toward strengthening relationships and keeping them fresh and current.”

Janik Roskovani is the founder and owner of JR Builders, a specialty design and contracting company based in Los Angeles, California. For more information, call 310-878-7338 or visit https://www.jr.builders.