Janik Roskovani describes a day in the life of a leading contracting company owner

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Janik Roskovani Janik Roskovani

Renowned Los Angeles contracting company owner and luxury design expert Janik Roskovani shares a typical day in his busy working life.

Praised by clients for his impeccable taste, creativity, integrity, and professionalism, Janik Roskovani has proudly been named among Los Angeles’ top contractors by the LA Times, published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881 and boasting the fourth-largest circulation of any United States newspaper. Now with more than 20 years of luxury design experience under his belt, contracting firm owner Roskovani reveals what a typical day looks like for him and his team. 


“My typical day starts at 6 AM each morning when I wake up, always without an alarm,” reveals Roskovani. It doesn’t matter, he says, what time he falls asleep; waking up bright and early is second nature for him now. “Each morning, I wake up ready to plan the day,” adds the highly successful business owner, “and, after I walk the dog, I call my site supervisors and suppliers to get the day organized.”


“When I leave the house,” Roskovani continues, “I usually start at a job site to review the plans and check the timeframes for what’s being done that day.”


Throughout the day, Roskovani says he’ll be constantly making calls to his designers and to potential new clients. “I’m also running errands for any materials which might be needed at the worksites,” he adds, “and getting them to exactly where they need to be.”


The end of the workday for Roskovani involves him checking back in with his supervisors, ensuring that his schedule was kept, and confirming that all sites are securely locked up for the night. “When I get home, I walk my dog again,” adds the luxury design expert, “before, more often than not, cooking dinner for my wife and myself, and relaxing a little before bed.”


Janik Roskovani is the name behind JR Builders, a leading Los Angeles contracting company, voted one of the area’s top contractors by the LA Times. Praise for Roskovani and JR Builders is plentiful. “Janik and his crew completed a huge remodel on my 3,000 square foot home in Sherman Oaks,” reveals client Mia. “They were knowledgeable, reliable, clean, and saved me money,” she adds. 


“The ideas Janik came up with were genius,” she concludes, “and I couldn’t have done it without the expertise he brought.” 


Roskovani says his success is down to hard work, commitment, and making each day as productive as possible. “You have to know and believe that each and every day will be productive as soon as your feet hit the floor each morning,” says the businessman of his success. 


“If you keep that in mind,” he adds, wrapping up, “you, too, can be equally successful.”