Janik Roskovani Explains Benefits of Being a Contractor in Los Angeles

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Janik Roskovani Benefits of Being a Contractor in Los Angeles Janik Roskovani Benefits of Being a Contractor in Los Angeles

 Los Angeles specialty design and contracting company owner Janik Roskovani reveals the benefits of being a contractor based in Los Angeles, California.

The second-largest urban center in the United States, Los Angeles, California, serves as home to more than four million individuals. Owner and founder of a specialty design and contracting company based in the city, Janik Roskovani explains the benefits of being a contractor based in and around the sprawling southern California metropolis.

“It’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to Los Angeles,” Roskovani begins. The city is, he says, often viewed as a beacon of plentiful opportunity within technology, entertainment, the arts, and more, thanks to its size, population, and diverse economic landscape.

“There’s a huge draw for contractors, too,” reveals the expert. “Contractors in Los Angeles enjoy a wealth of advantages,” suggests Roskovani, “both financially and geographically.”

Janik Roskovani has, he says, along with his contracting company JR Builders, come to fully understand and utilize these advantages, allowing him to enjoy great success within Los Angeles’ competitive but highly rewarding contracting market. “Now,” says Roskovani, “I want to share what I’ve learned.”

Roskovani suggests that, above all else, three major benefits and incentives exist for contractors in Los Angeles today. These, he says, are small business tax exemption, great pay, and location opportunities.

“If you’re a small business which does not exceed $100,000 in tax measures in gross taxable and nontaxable receipts, you could be eligible to pay no taxes on the business,” reveals Roskovani. While this is primarily a tip applicable to those just starting out, it’s a great way to financially jump-start a contracting enterprise, according to the expert.

Next, Roskovani turns to pay. “Compared to contract work within other major cities in America, Los Angeles-based contractors earn a fairly substantial income on average,” he reveals.

According to Roskovani, across a yearly salary, the median income for experienced contractors working on higher-end projects in Los Angeles is currently $117,000. “The opportunities here are plentiful, and the numbers prove this,” adds the JR Builders founder.

Third among Janik’s points, the specialty design and contracting company owner briefly touches on location opportunities. “Municipal policy has continued to drive diverse construction around transit lines in recent years,” he explains.

Last year, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation predicted that the city would grow by more than six percent in 2019 alone. “This is a staggering amount of economic growth, largely centered around new and expanding location opportunities,” suggests Roskovani, “and marks a sure sign of plentiful work for contractors moving forward both in residential and commerce-related projects.”

Whether it’s the financial benefits afforded to smaller contractors, great pay, or ever-growing geographical opportunities, Los Angeles is a hotbed of success for the area’s contractors, Janik Roskovani believes.

“It’s a major U.S. city,” he adds, wrapping up, “which deserves immense consideration for contractors nationwide looking for a stronger-than-ever base for their operations.”

Janik Roskovani is the founder and owner of JR Builders, a specialty design and contracting company based in Los Angeles, California. For more information, call 310-878-7338 or visit https://www.jr.builders.