Janik Roskovani Shares Strategy as an Entrepreneur

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Janik Roskovani Janik Roskovani

Entrepreneur and leading contracting company founder Janik Roskovani talks business and entrepreneurship.


A renowned contracting company owner and entrepreneur based in the sprawling southern California metropolis of Los Angeles, Janik Roskovani has, over the course of more than two decades, established himself as one of the region’s most in-demand contractors. Well-known for his impeccable taste, creativity, and professionalism, luxury design expert Roskovani talks business and entrepreneurship as his company, JR Builders, is named among the top 10 contracting firms in Los Angeles by the LA Times.


“For a start, always surround yourself with the right people,” suggests Roskovani. “Having the right support means you’ll be able to see your ideas come to life sooner rather than later,” adds the successful entrepreneur and owner of JR Builders, based in Los Angeles, California.


Janik Roskovani completed his education in architecture in his native Czech Republic before moving to the United States in 1996. Within three years, Roskovani had founded JR Builders, quickly establishing himself as a connoisseur of fine architecture in and around Los Angeles.


So, what makes entrepreneur Janik Roskovani not only more successful but also more productive than others in the industry? “I wake up every morning at 6 AM, without an alarm,” he reveals. According to Roskovani, it doesn’t matter what time he falls asleep; waking up on time has become second nature to him. “Each morning, I wake up ready to plan the day,” he adds.


“You have to know that the day will be productive as soon as your feet hit the floor,” suggests Roskovani. “If you keep that in mind, you’ll be successful,” claims the entrepreneur.


“Often I’m asked, ‘What’s one strategy that’s helped you grow your business?'” Roskovani continues. The answer, he says, stems from always seeing the potential in a particular project. “I can always see the potential in a property, for example,” the JR Builders owner and founder explains.


Asked about potential and untapped business opportunities in and around Los Angeles, meanwhile, the entrepreneur is quick to point toward hospitality. “Around here, in the Malibu area, in particular, there aren’t very many hotels for people visiting, especially for extended periods,” says Roskovani. “I think an excellent business idea, therefore, would be to open a small hotel, or perhaps a small camping site with a view of the ocean,” he adds.


“I reckon either of these ideas would attract an abundance of new visitors to Malibu and could prove to be highly successful,” suggests the business expert, wrapping up.


Founded by Janik Roskovani, JR Builders has grown into a leading contracting business in California, now recognized as one of the top 10 contractors in Los Angeles by the LA Times. Thanks to a reputation for impeccable taste, tact, integrity, creativity, and unparalleled professionalism, Roskovani now represents a staple of luxury design in the region. Outside of work, Janik enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog and is always on the lookout for new approaches by attending open houses and prides himself on adapting and creating exciting, new ideas on behalf of his clients.