Jay Bansal Explains the Benefits of Using iMed Transport

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Jay Bansal Explains the Benefits of Using iMed Transport Jay Bansal Explains the Benefits of Using iMed Transport

As CFO of iMed Transport, Jay Ankur Bansal saw the value of investing in this company. As a keen entrepreneur from Phoenix, Jay A. Bansal only invests in businesses that are innovative and will help the most people. iMed has completed thousands of trips that has helped thousands of patients.

What is iMed Transport?

According to Jay A. Bansal, iMed is a cloud-based medical software designed to make the transportation of patients more convenient. The purpose of this software is to link ambulances with healthcare providers to facilitate the transportation process. iMed is easy to use, and anyone can access it via a mobile device or computer. Using the software, users can submit documentation electronically and request transportation to a healthcare center. iMed transport also facilitates live tracking to make it easy for all of those involved to check on the location of the patient.

Ambulance Advantages of iMed

  • iMed reduces patient wait times
  • All the paperwork gets submitted electronically which eliminates wait lines at the hospital
  • Automates the call process and makes the requests more accurate
  • It makes it more profitable for carriers since they have access to patient’s insurance information
  • Reduces overall wait times at home and the hospital
  • Makes ambulance dispatch a lot more accurate and reduces detours

Advantages for Health Care Providers

  • Having access to electronic patient information improves care and overall satisfaction
  • Improves the logistical process
  • Automation of the process increases efficiency, better use of resources, decreases discharge times and improves wait times

Advantages for Patients

  • Using iMed decreases patient wait times
  • Makes the services more reliable
  • Improves the quality of medical care
  • Allows patients to track the transportation status

These are some of the reasons why Jay Ankur Bansal believed in the benefits, and the positive impact iMed would have in the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of experience, leaving a mark in the business world, Jay Ankur Bansal has a diverse portfolio of businesses. Jay Bansal’s many businesses include a medical-legal funding company, real estate, apartment and hotel projects, and gas station convenience store ownership.

When former attorney Jay A. Bansal is not taking the business world by storm, he’s working on projects to help the community with his wife of 25 years, Rajani Bansal. Together, the support community projects in the business area and spend time with their three children.