Jay Bansal Talks About His Contribution to the Healthcare Industry

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Jay Bansal Talks About His Contribution to the Healthcare Industry Jay Bansal Talks About His Contribution to the Healthcare Industry

Businessman and former attorney Jay Ankur Bansal has made a name for himself in the real estate, gas station, and convenience store ownership landscape over the last 15 years. His projects expand across cities such as Phoenix, Houston, and Austin. Although he has made a mark in the local business world, Jay Bansal has also had a positive impact on the healthcare industry. As the CFO of iMed Transport and Founder of Midwest Medical Services, LLC, Jay A. Bansal discusses his contributions to the healthcare industry.

One of Jay A. Bansal’s healthcare businesses is iMed Transport – a cloud-based medical software designed to make the transportation of patients more convenient. Jay Ankur Bansal explains that iMed is easy to use, and anyone can access it via a mobile device or computer. Using the software, users can submit documentation electronically and request transportation to a healthcare center. He explains that the purpose of this software is to link ambulances with healthcare providers to facilitate the transportation process. One of the main ideas behind iMed is the facilitation of live tracking, which can give health providers an accurate location of the patient.

Jay A. Bansal’s other company, Midwest Medical Services, LLC, has provided over $10 million in medical funding since its formation. Midwest Medical Services is a lien finance company that helps provide medical services for patients who have been injured in an accident and do not have health insurance. Midwest Medical Services waits until the case settles, and patients never have to pay anything out of pocket, regardless of the outcome.

According to Jay A. Bansal, many clients are hesitant to get the care they require due to the high out of pocket cost of medical care. Without the resources to pay for their medical care, they do not get the necessary treatment and cannot adequately present their injury claims. Midwest Medical connects people from all over the country who otherwise would not know who to turn to with choice physicians and healthcare providers. Jay A. Bansal and Midwest Medical have partnered with a wide network of primary care doctors, chiropractors, MRI facilities, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and surgery centers to bring the best care to their clients.

After leaving his law practice, Jay Ankur Bansal focused on developing and growing his businesses. Today, his extensive portfolio makes him one of the entrepreneurs to watch out for in the area. When he’s not growing his companies, Jay Ankur Bansal and his wife of 25 years, Rajani Bansal also plays an active role in the community by donating to worthy causes.