Jay Brandenburg-Nau Explains the Enneagram Model and How It Can Enhance Personal Growth

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Jay Brandenburg Nau Enhance Personal Growth Jay Brandenburg Nau Enhance Personal Growth
Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Jay Brandenburg-Nau is a licensed counselor who helps clients from all over the world using an intensive therapeutic process to achieve peace, happiness, and a healthier outlook on life. He frequently employs the Enneagram model to teach his clients how understanding personality types and deep motivations can encourage personal growth.

Through counseling, Jay Brandenburg-Nau empowersclients in his local community and from around the world providing resources that help them achieve happiness and personal growth. After working as a youth pastor for a decade and earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary, he has studied and employed a range of useful tactics to teach clients to understand their inner workings. One of the most helpful tools he uses in therapy is the Enneagram model for personality types.

“Through the Enneagram model, we can improve self-observation and gain a better understanding of what makes us tick and how we can be happiest,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “What we can learn from the Enneagram helps us improve awareness and achieve a greater wholeness.”

When we think of personality models, the Myers Briggs test is likely to come to mind. The Myers Briggs helps many people bring awareness to their cognitive functions and teaches them things they may not have understood about themselves before. Similarly, the Enneagram model also offers a means to observe personality traits and mechanisms, which in turn allows clients of Jay Brandenburg-Nau to satisfy deeply-rooted needs and improve their overall well-being.

The Enneagram is based on nine different personality types or styles that represent a certain world outlook or archetype and influence the way people think, feel, and act. This can mean responses to things going on the world as well as responses to what’s happening inside their own hearts and minds. It delivers more practical information and core personality traits than the Myers Briggs and helps people uncover deep motivations, fears, and defense mechanisms that lie in their subconscious.

On one hand, the Enneagram seems like a model of nine specific traits that ask people to identify with a single one. Instead, it’s likely most or all people find something familiar in each of the personality types. The goal of the model is to discover the one type that dominates all the others, while using the neighboring two trait types to help determine the strongest influences. In this way, people learn that their behavior isn’t always a good representation of their personality. Through the Enneagram, they uncover deep motivations that steer their overall actions and behaviors.

“We’re all born with one of the nine dominating personality types from the Enneagram,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “This type has a big influence on how we adapt to our early environments and ultimately how we respond to life factors later on.”

Through the Enneagram model, counselors like Jay Brandenburg-Nau help clients uncover the deep mechanisms that rule their behavior, perspectives, and motivations so they can learn to be their happiest and healthiest selves.