Jay Brandenburg-Nau Helps Clients Understand Personal Motivations and Needs Using the Enneagram Model

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Jay Brandenburg Nau Jay Brandenburg Nau Helps Clients Understand Personal Motivations and Needs Using the Enneagram Model Jay Brandenburg Nau Jay Brandenburg Nau Helps Clients Understand Personal Motivations and Needs Using the Enneagram Model

Through counseling psychology, Jay Brandenburg-Nau helps clients understand their inner workings better so that they can overcome mental obstacles and take the reins on their lives. He frequently looks to the Enneagram model to bring needs and motivations to light using common personality types and associated behaviors.

Mental health specialists around the world have employed the Enneagram Behavior Model to teach people about themselves and determine solutions that will have the most personal benefit. Counseling psychologist Jay Brandenburg-Nau uses the Enneagram model to help his clients discover their innermost drives and motivations so they can more easily find peace and happiness.

The Enneagram is a useful resource that centers around self-actualization and helps people grow towards their fullest potential. It teaches them to avoid overlooking obstacles and succumbing to denial and to face problems head-on instead. Through the Enneagram model, clients of Jay Brandenburg-Nau develop greater self-awareness and insight into their own motivations and resulting behaviors. This can also help them to understand other people better and improve their personal and professional interactions or relationships.

“Many people don’t understand that the roots of their obstacles may stem from their own motivations and behaviors, and it’s hard to correct without them getting to know these inner workings better,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “The Enneagram logically breaks down character types and motivations so people can use their drives and needs to their advantage.”

For a decade, Jay Brandenburg-Nau has assisted his clients find long-lasting solutions to the obstacles and burdens they face every day. Through counseling, psychology, and fellowship, he helps improve their outlook on life and to find gratification in their day-to-day activities. In addition to approaches like acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and EMDR therapy, he looks to tools like the Enneagram model to uncover the sources of his clients’ issues and the answers they’re looking for.

The Enneagram model of personality types proves to help his clients achieve personal growth so they can go back to enjoying life and being more productive than ever.

“The model helps clients align with a certain personality type–the one they connect with the most–which helps them understand deeper influences and motivations better,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “By improving their awareness and introducing them to what makes them tick, they can learn how to be happier.”

The nine different personalities within the Enneagram model each represent a certain key component to clients’ behavior, way of thinking, and interactions with others. While the Enneagram model is a lot more detailed than the Myers Briggs personality test, it uses a similar approach to help people connect with their subconscious and inner drives.

“Although it seems simple on the surface, the Enneagram model offers detailed results that can have a tremendously positive effect on any client’s mindset,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau.