Jay Brandenburg-Nau Helps Individuals and Families Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology

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Jay Brandenburg Nau Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology Jay Brandenburg Nau Find Peace and Balance Through Counseling Psychology

For nearly a decade, Jay Brandenburg-Nau has brought his passion for fellowship and counseling to his community and has helped transform the lives of clients for the better through counseling psychology. By examining clients’ lifestyle elements and hearing their stories, he is able to piece together a positive plan of action that will help them take back the reins on their lives.

A licensed counselor, Jay Brandenburg-Nau encourages all those suffering from mental stress, relationship concerns, depression and other troubles to seek out help from qualified professionals such as himself. Through counseling psychology, he helps people in his community gain a better understanding of various life factors and achieve wholesomeness through fellowship.

“Everybody struggles with life factors, but many people don’t cope as healthily as they should or don’t understand where to go to get help,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “And not every condition requires prescription medication to heal. Sometimes people just need to open up with a counselor and learn how to manage their lives better.”

Jay Brandenburg-Nau earned a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2010, allowing him to practice counseling psychology professionally. Since earning his degree, he’s worked in cities like Austin and Chicago in clinical settings and in private practices where he’s shared his insight into a healthier mindset with various clients.

Counseling psychology is a subset of professional psychology that takes into account an individual’s personal function and their relationships with others first and foremost. In counseling sessions, professionals address elements such as physical, emotional, and social well-being alongside habits and ongoing stresses to determine underlying issues that affect the whole. These can be elements such as a troubled work or school life, a lack of aspiration, failure to meet expectations due to depression, a negative home environment or plenty of other factors.

Jay Brandenburg-Nau works with his clients to uncover these issues and alleviate stress and resolve crises. Through counseling psychology, patients learn more about themselves and their unique circumstances in order to help them overcome recurring obstacles in the future more easily.

“While people feel the tug and the frustrations of underlying problems, they may not be able to identify them on their own,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “Through counseling, clients are given free rein to express their thoughts and their troubles and work towards uncovering those elements that drive them to be someone they’re unhappy with.”

In addition to helping clients get to know their inner selves better, professionals like Jay Brandenburg-Nau can provide techniques and new habits that will help clients manage their stress better and improve their overall mindset. In this way, counselors help their clients find confidence and lasting peace without having to turn to medication for real resolutions.