Jay Brandenburg-Nau Uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Help Clients Overcome

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Jay Brandenburg Nau Jay Brandenburg Nau

A counseling psychologist with nearly a decade of professional experience, Jay Brandenburg-Nau is accustomed to a range of therapy approaches and techniques. In order to meet the diverse needs of his patients and provide lasting solutions, he employs proven approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) during sessions.

Over the years, Jay Brandenburg-Nau has offered tailored, dedicated care to his clients through various counseling psychology approaches. In this way, he is able to address a range of problems and provide bespoke solutions for those who may be struggling. Among the most useful techniques and therapies is ACT, which can be used to treat a variety of disorders and mental or emotional obstacles.

Through ACT, clients of Jay Brandenburg-Nau address their issues instead of ignoring or avoiding them, and they learn to get over habits such as denial that fuel inappropriate responses. Choosing to accept and face concerns helps people overcome obstacles quicker and develop new habits that will be instrumental in defeating repeat concerns in the future.

Jay Brandenburg-Nau uses ACT to help clients overcome hardships or traumatic past events by accepting their responses and making conscious choices to alter behavior. While habits and reactionary behaviors are difficult to change alone, thorough and committed work from both clients and dedicated psychologists can ensure lifelong results.

“Regardless of the past trauma, there are certain ways that clients naturally behave and react to circumstances that create tremendous hurdles to living a happy, healthy life,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “Through ACT, they learn to accept their issues and to leave trauma in the past by being more mindful, accepting, and forgiving.”

Being mindful helps clients to understand their emotions better and to learn what triggers them to act or react in a certain way. They weigh the good and the bad in their lives and have more control over how they handle each situation as it comes. Accepting their hardships or their struggles opens their minds to allow changes in behavior that will ultimately affect how they feel overall.

“It starts with small steps. Clients have to face their issues or trauma head on, which can be terrifying and uncomfortable at first,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “With time and repetition, however, clients learn to accept these facts plainly and treat them as a growing experience leading towards a happier life.”

He uses ACT during counseling sessions to administer both traditional behavior therapy as well as psychotherapy. Combined, these assist his clients to overcome denial and intense negative feelings and learn how to summon the appropriate emotional and mental responses to external factors.

“ACT sessions can be used to treat a range of problematic conditions such as OCD, depression, social anxiety disorder, psychosis, substance abuse and more,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “Ultimately, ACT allows clients to overcome daily hurdles and enjoy a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.”