Jay Brandenburg-Nau Uses Psychotherapy to Help Clients in Colorado Heal and Find Peace

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Jay Brandenburg Nau Heal and Find Peace Jay Brandenburg Nau Heal and Find Peace

As a licensed counselor, Jay Brandenburg-Nau helps patients overcome mental obstacles preventing them from being happy and enjoying a fulfilling life.


Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Jay employs a range of techniques to help find the best solutions for his clients, relying on approaches such as psychotherapy to discover the root problems affecting their overall well-being.


Jay Brandenburg-Nau helps clients in Colorado achieve personal growth and happiness in their lives by employing a variety of unique counseling approaches. With over a decade of professional counseling experience, he understands that every client is different and deserves a tailored approach to healing and growth. 


Besides using resources such as the Enneagram model and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Jay Brandenburg-Nau relies on psychotherapy to learn more about a patient’s individual needs. 


“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to care for counseling psychologists to rely on,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “But broad approaches like psychotherapy that encourage clients to explore root causes behind their obstacles is always a great place to start.”


Psychotherapy can help people overcome or cope with mental illnesses, emotional difficulties, and other everyday obstacles. Also called talk therapy, it can improve negative symptoms for those looking to increase their well-being by helping them understand their individual needs and motivations better. Those who have been impacted by trauma, who struggle with difficulties such as loss, depression, and anxiety can learn to heal and grow towards a happier existence. 


While psychotherapy is traditionally a form of counseling therapy, it can be paired with medication and additional approaches to achieve ultimate results. Medication isn’t the solution for everyone, but it helps many people across the country cope with negative symptoms and proves for them to be stronger than either treatment on its own. In place of medicine, people can gain similar relief from improvements in their lifestyle such as a better diet, frequent exercise, and quality sleep. 


Psychotherapy can be applied in solo therapy, couples therapy, family, and group therapies, and has been shown to have a positive effect on both children and adults equally. Sessions can be performed as-needed to achieve results, whether it’s in an hour or half-hour increments, once a week or many times throughout. During psychotherapy sessions, both counselors and clients are actively involved in keeping up an insightful conversation that will explore topical and deep-rooted causes of problems.  


“Psychotherapy requires my clients to open up and talk about issues that are often uncomfortable and personal, which is why developing a rapport with them is paramount for therapy to be successful,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. 


There are many different facets of psychotherapy––such as Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Interpersonal therapy (IPT), and Dialectical behavior therapy, among others––that counselors can use to discover root issues. And from this, patients learn to heal and find new balances in their lives to attain lasting peace and happiness.