Jeff Bogardo all set to race into 2020

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Jeff Bogardo Jeff Bogardo

Medal-winning runner Jeff Bogardo wraps up another year of successful racing and sets his sights on some of 2020’s most grueling events.

Completing races ranging from the Run for Life 5K in Easton to the Rock n’ Run 4 Kids 10K, held in Saucon Valley, Pennsylvania, in recent years, Jeff Bogardo, from the Lehigh and Northampton counties city of Bethlehem, has enjoyed another fantastic 12 months in sport, embracing his love of running at almost every opportunity throughout 2019.

A keen runner for most of his life, Jeff Bogardo has been racing competitively for many years. Also a keen sportsman more generally, playing in over 25 different tennis leagues while living in New Providence, Milburn, and Bridgewater, New Jersey, and, now, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, alike, it’s racing which is his main passion, however, and Bogardo currently has upwards of 100 road races under his belt.

With 2019 coming to a close and the New Year fast on the approach, Bogardo has his sights set on a number of new milestones in 2020, including beating several of his own personal bests and reaching an even greater number of successfully completed races. “I’ve always loved running,” explains New Jersey native Bogardo, today a resident of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for more than 20 years. “To have now reached more than 100 successfully completed races marks a great milestone in my running career,” adds the passionate sportsman, who frequently races alongside and against his brother, who’s also an avid runner.

In addition to races such as the Run for Life 5K in Easton and the Rock n’ Run 4 Kids 10K in Saucon Valley, Bogardo has also completed some especially grueling racing events in recent years. The Delaware Dash Trail Run, for example, he says, proved to be a particularly tough course, with Bogardo falling multiple times before finishing. “Hosted by Slate Belt YMCA, the Delaware Dash Trail Run was a tough course for me,” he reveals, “and I fell down on at least two occasions before finishing.”

Despite some difficulties, however, Jeff Bogardo still managed to place fifth overall and second in his age category, according to the Bethlehem-based runner. “It’s all part of the fun!” he adds.

As such, Jeff Bogardo is now preparing to tackle a number of similarly grueling events in 2020. “I’m really looking forward to it,” adds the keen sportsman, wrapping up, “and I can’t wait to get started.”