Jeff Bogardo Offers Expert Tips for Aspiring Marathon Runners

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Jeff Bogardo Jeff Bogardo

Veteran marathon runner Jeff Bogardo shares three vital tips for those looking to take up long-distance running.

Covering just over 26 miles or 42 kilometers, marathon events are one of the toughest types of race faced by many runners, experienced and aspiring alike. A veteran of long-distance running, Jeff Bogardo, who last year completed his 100th road race, offers a trio of tips for those keen to take up the sport.

From 5K upward, Jeff Bogardo has, to date, successfully completed in excess of 100 road races. “Some of my favorite shorter races include Run for Life 5K, which takes place in Easton, Pennsylvania, Rock n’ Run 4 Kids, a 10K race held in Saucon Valley, and the famous Delaware Dash Trail Run, overseen by Slate Belt YMCA,” reveals keen runner Bogardo.

In his last outing at the Delaware Dash, Jeff Bogardo placed 5th overall. “This,” adds the seasoned runner, “was despite falling twice over the course of the race, which takes in a notoriously tough route.”

Regardless of the length of any race, Jeff Bogardo says it’s vital to be prepared, but especially so when training for a marathon. “Don’t underestimate the importance of training, even if you’re already fit and an experienced runner,” suggests Bogardo, revealing his first of three tips for aspiring marathon runners.

Even regular runners rarely cover marathon distances on their usual running routes, according to the expert. “New and aspiring marathon runners should start with or maintain short, regular runs, but in the days or weeks before a marathon event, it’s vital that everyone completes at least one long run,” adds Bogardo. Focus on first successfully completing two 18 mile runs, Jeff Bogardo suggests, before tackling at least one marathon-length run, in preparation for the main event. “Even if you’ve completed marathons in the past, it’s always advisable to be prepared, and to remind yourself of exactly what’s in store,” he adds.

“Secondly, when training, run with friends,” advises Jeff Bogardo. “Actual marathon events are often sociable affairs, with hundreds or thousands of other participants, so running with friends is a great way to both train and to prepare,” adds the expert.

Perhaps Jeff Bogardo’s most crucial piece of advice, however, he says, centers around the right running gear. “Invest in the best footwear you can afford, and replace tired trainers as they become worn out,” Bogardo suggests. Socks and appropriate clothing for the rest of the body are similarly important, according to the expert. “Remember to consider the weather, and the climate more generally, too, especially in the days leading up to the event,” adds Bogardo, “and wear the appropriate gear on the day.”

An avid sportsman, Jeff Bogardo, originally from New Jersey, and now a resident of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for more than 20 years, is also a keen tennis player. “It’s long-distance running, however,” adds New Jersey native Bogardo, wrapping up, “which remains my primary sporting passion.”