Jeff Bogardo Showcases Support for Races and Marathon Running

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Jeff Bogardo Jeff Bogardo

As an avid runner with over 100 races to his credit, Jeff Bogardo continues to showcase his support for competitive racing. He’s announced his goal to compete in 200 or more races and has offered training advice for new runners.

“I think it would be an incredible personal achievement.”, noted Jeff Bogardo regarding his race target. He continues to run a myriad of races including marathon distance courses. His accolades include notable finishes in the Rock n’ Run 4 Kids 10K, held in Saucon Valley, and the Delaware Dash Trail Run, hosted by Slate Belt YMCA. Despite falling twice during the Deleware Dash, he still managed to place 5th overall.

Jeff Bogardo believes in supporting the running community by offering advice for new or intermediate runners. He notes creating the right training routines is critical for effective race day performance. Tips include to never underestimate the importance of training, and completing short, regular runs building up to race day. For long distance races such as marathons, it’s critical to complete two 18-mile runs before race day. It’s also critical not to over-train.

Racing is a sociable event, which is why Jeff Bogardo recommends running with friends while training. It helps to improve morale and provides encouragement to tackle new racing goals. Whether running at elevation or on city streets, training with friends makes a difference. He also underscores the importance of running equipment, such as the right footwear, as it relates to the overall performance of runners on race day. The right hydration equipment and clothing also make a significant impact.

Through running long distance races, trail runs and sprint length courses, Jeff Bogardo showcases his passion for the sport. A recognizable participant on race day, he continues to be an integral part of the racing community for new and veteran runners alike. He coaches runners on the optimal training methods gleaned from years of experience and success tackling the most challenging races.

For over 20 years, Jeff Bogardo has been a resident of Bethlehem, PA, and has competed in road races 5 kilometers and up. He’s also participated in over 25 different tennis leagues. As a computer programmer educated at the Chubb Institute, he’s given back to the community through his 9-year tenure working for the City of Bethlehem. He continues to support competitive racing.