Jeff Nock demonstrates how to get the right people in the right seats of a company

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Jeff Nock Jeff Nock

Business consultant Jeff Nock, from Iowa City, Iowa, explains how to get the right people in the right seats at your company.

Getting the right people in the right seats is essential for the success of any company. That’s according to business consultant Jeff Nock, from Iowa City, Iowa, as he outlines a number of key ways to both attract and retain the best people, and to ensure that they’re in precisely the right seats for success.

Attracting the right people is Jeff Nock‘s first area of focus. “I often recommend that any company or organization should aim to boast at least five benefits tailored toward attracting the right people in the first instance,” says the business consultant and marketing expert, speaking from his office in Iowa City, Iowa.

Business owners are, he says, free to choose the five or more benefits which they see most fit. As a business consultant and expert in the field, however, Jeff Nock has, he believes, whittled down dozens of possible benefits to the five which he believes have the best potential in getting the right people in the right seats of a company. “These,” he reveals, “are culture, fair pay, recognition, variety, and rewards.”

“People want to be happy in their work,” Jeff Nock continues, “and from establishing a winning corporate culture to ensuring variety, fair pay, and recognition more generally, a truly rewarding working environment is, I believe, the best way to get the right people through the door.”

The secret, meanwhile, to ensuring that people are, and remain, in the right seats at your company is, according to Jeff Nock, also partly down to cementing in place effective processes, supported, wherever possible, by the appropriate tools, software, and other systems.

It’s essential, he says, that clear roles are defined if people’s skills are to be utilized as best as possible. “Define clear roles at all levels and match the appropriate skills to each of these,” suggests the Iowa-based business consultant.

“The correct structure and defined skills and roles will, then,” he adds, wrapping up, “allow a company’s systems and processes to, as a result, operate as effectively as possible, with just the right people in exactly the right seats at your business.”

Founder and CEO of Prescient Consulting, LLC, based in Iowa City, Iowa, Jeff Nock boasts a demonstrated history of growing nonprofit organizations, startups, and established companies alike. Skilled in business and strategic planning, branding, sales, and marketing, now-established Iowa resident Nock also holds a master’s degree in management from Colorado’s Regis University and is a specialist in management development. To learn more, visit