Jeff Nock Discusses What to Look for in a PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi Pitch Deck

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Jeff Nock What to Look for in a PowerPoint Jeff Nock What to Look for in a PowerPoint

Jeff NockBusiness Consultant, Jeff Nock has validated essential entrepreneurial and leadership assets over the years in various positions, improving both small-scale businesses and larger corporations. Jeff Nock works one on one with business professional and leader on all levels.

Want to wow venture capitalist, clients, or staff with your presentation? The issue with many pitch deck presentations is an overabundance of information squeezed onto the slides. Jeff Nock, CEO & Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, explains what makes and breaks pitch deck presentations.

1. Everything should be clear and concise and should include well-suited images

2. Introduce your company, leadership, executive team or key players

3. Present your product, service or device and explain why there is a need. Does it solve a problem? Is it original, better or next generation?

4. Show real-world examples of how it works.

5. What is your commercialization plan or business model projections? Show how you will produce revenue?

6. What is the goal of the presentation? Do you want investors? If so, how much money are you asking for and why? Do you want branding and referral growth? If so, state how much you’ll need from your target audience. Are you looking for a partner? If so, how do they fit into the plan?

7. Final pages are for contact information and questions.

All pitch need to be thorough, but brief. People do not want to waste their time, and if you plan to present every detail of your company, you will lose interest very quickly. Pitch decks should be approximately 10 slides long and with the readable sized font. You need to make a great impression, so don’t read your slides word for word. Keep it interesting, professional and enticing. Visualization is key. If your presentation is full of ongoing bullet points or paragraphs, people will not be listening to you talk, they’ll be reading. You’ll need to add graphs and images that apply to your specific needs and niche.

Jeff Nock’s consulting business helps early-stage and mid-cap companies grow and ultimately achieve their goals by offering a range of services, notably business planning, and software application development. He teaches companies how to effectively improve the entire business from the top down, strengthening production, and encouraging healthy growth with time. Jeff Nock is highly skilled in areas such as business planning, the strategic planning process, management development, comprehensive marketing, sales, and presentation development.