Jeff Nock Explains Why Business Mentors are Critical

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Jeff Nock Mentors are Critical Jeff Nock Mentors are Critical

As CEO and Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, Jeff Nock understands the importance of business mentoring for entrepreneurs and leaders of growing companies.


Jeff Nock

For years Jeff has helped startup, early-stage, and mid-cap companies achieve their growth goals through strategic planning, business model ideation, and product and partner development. 

 “One of the true strengths of most entrepreneurs and CEOs is a high level of confidence. Yet no one person can know everything about a product or industry. All entrepreneurs and CEOs should seek out and regularly meet with a mentor who has more experience and knowledge,” explained Jeff Nock. “No matter how successful or how hungry you are to gain success, you don’t know what you don’t know and we all can benefit from surrounding ourselves with people that can give us insight and help to raise us up to the highest level and inspire us to do more.”


How do you find a mentor?

  •     Look within your own network of friends and professional associates
  •     Join a CEO forum/roundtable 
  •     Join professional organizations
  •     Attend networking events both locally, nationally and where appropriate, internationally
  •     Join a micro-networking-mentoring online group
  •     Use social media to reach out such as LinkedIn or Facebook


Many successful business leaders are willing to give back and help others. It is important to remember that successful business leaders are incredibly busy so their time is very valuable. Make sure to always respect their time. Also, remember that mentors listen and advise. The work of doing what is advised is up to the company being mentored. 


Make sure to manage your expectations when entering a mentor-mentee relationship. Here are some of the benefits provided by good mentors: 


  • Real-world experience – Successful business leaders have an experience that you can’t find in books. 
  • Network opportunities – Experienced business professional have huge networks. Once you earn the trust of your mentor, they will introduce you to people you could have never connected with on your own. 
  • Confidence – Once you have a plan that a mentor buys into you can work on executing that plan with a much higher degree of confidence because the mentor believes in you and your plan. 
  • Emotional Intelligence – Experience mentors help entrepreneurs to mature more quickly. 


Always make sure to be seeking ways to repay your mentor for their time and advise such as referring clients and giving good online reviews.


Jeff Nock is an expert in demonstrating essential leadership qualities in a broad scope of positions, improving both early-stage and mid-cap small-scale businesses.