Jeff Nock reveals how he balances being a father and CEO

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Jeff Nock Jeff Nock

CEO Jeff Nock uncovers the secret to balancing work and family life as a father.

A balancing act between good communication and scheduling, it can, as a CEO, be a challenge to designate ample time to both work and family life. It’s not, however, impossible, according to CEO and successful business consultant Jeff Nock, from Iowa City, Iowa, as he shares a closer look at the secret of balancing work and life as a proud father. 


“As a CEO, it can be a challenge to designate enough time to both your family and work, but it’s not impossible,” suggests Nock, owner and founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC. “The key, I believe, is excellent communication and scheduling,” adds the CEO, currently based in Iowa City, Iowa. 


The business-centric father understands, he says, the challenges of running a business and maintaining his responsibilities as a parent inside out. “While my kids will forever come first, they also appreciate that I need to work hard to provide for them, and that I genuinely enjoy my career,” explains Nock. 


Suggesting that the key is good communication and scheduling, Nock says his children know that he’ll always be there for them. “It is important that my business clients know I can be available for them when they need our company so we as a team balance our availability to make sure client needs are met,” he explains, “which, of course, sometimes leads to long days!”


Accordingly, business consultant Jeff Nock has seen his company—Prescient Consulting, LLC, based in Iowa City, Iowa—thrive. “I’m compelled to work long hours to see the business truly thrive,” suggests the CEO, “yet, as a father, important aspects of family life, such as my kids’ extracurricular activities, for example, are usually scheduled far enough in advance to where scheduling clients can be done and kid activities can be attended.” 


This, he says, involves staying on top of his and his family’s schedules, and communicating openly with business clients. “The kids need to know that that they mean the world to me,” adds CEO Nock. 


“I’ve come to the realization that a healthy work-life balance can be accomplished and having been able in the past and in the future to see the special moments in my kids’ lives has been incredibly rewarding,” says the proud father.