Jeff Nock Shares Advice on Balancing Family and Work as Both a Father and CEO

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Jeff Nock Balancing Family and Work Jeff Nock Balancing Family and Work

As CEO & Founder of Prescient Consulting, LLC, Jeff Nock understands the challenge of operating a business and maintaining responsibilities as a father at home. He shares with other business-centric parents what he believes to be the best methods of balancing work and family.

Both work-life balance and the traditional roles of parents at home have changed tremendously in the past few decades. Child-rearing isn’t delegated solely to mothers anymore, and an increasing number of mothers take on top roles in busy, demanding businesses. Some professionals choose to avoid having kids in order to put their careers first, but many more try juggling parenthood with steady work.

“It’s a challenge to designate enough time to both your family and work, but it’s not impossible,” says Jeff Nock. “While my kids will always come first, they also understand that I need to provide for them and that I enjoy my work. The key is good communication and scheduling. While the kids know I will be there for them, my business clients have to know they are a priority. Sometimes this leads to long days!”

Jeff Nock is CEO of Prescient Consulting, LLC and is compelled to work long hours to see his business thrive. However, as a father, he understands that at times a child’s sports game or graduation ceremony will take precedence over a business meeting.

“While business success is gratifying, our kids only grow up once and it happens so fast. I will do whatever it takes to coach or watch my kids in all of their activities while also making sure that our clients are happy. This can be accomplished by staying on top of the kids’ schedules and communicating with clients as to their deadlines and expectations,” says Jeff Nock. “In the end, you have to make sure the kids and clients know they matter.”

In the past, people have had to choose between their priorities, but today they can maintain family commitments as well as professional careers by relying on technology and new modes of communication to be present in multiple places at once. For instance, parents can spend needed time with their families while phoning in remotely through chat or video to important meetings when needed. Alternatively, if business trips take busy professionals out of town, they can use the same modes of communication to contact loved ones and spend quality time from afar.

As a CEO, Jeff Nock has come to the realization that a healthy work-life balance isn’t an end goal, but rather a balancing act that requires constant consideration of what’s most important on any given day.

“Sometimes you have to excuse yourself from work in order to be present for family events,” says Jeff Nock. “Other times you have to ask for forgiveness from your family if something at work is too pressing to put off until tomorrow.”

He concludes that positive communication is your ultimate ally in these circumstances and that there should always be an open dialogue between you and your work, and you and your family, so that both parties stay in the loop. This way, he says, you’ll seldom disappoint either.