Jeff Nock Shares Years of Business Plan Development Knowledge

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Jeff Nock Jeff Nock

Management development specialist Jeff Nock shares his years of knowledge surrounding successful business plan development.


A highly successful executive-turned-consultant, Jeff Nock boasts a demonstrated history of growing startups, nonprofit organizations, and established companies alike. From executive summary to appendix, the Iowa-based corporate consultant, University of Colorado and Regis University graduate provides an expert insight into developing a winning business plan.


While in many cases business plans have been replaced within companies by strategic and operational plans, there are still some situations, such as when a company is pursuing an outside investment, a bank loan or a business plan competition, where having a good business plan is required. “Any successful business plan should begin with an Executive Summary and a Company Description,” suggests Nock. The Executive Summary, he says, should be a snapshot of the  business plan, while a Company Description provides a high level overview of what the company does, for who, and why.


“This,” Iowa-based Jeff Nock continues, “should be followed by sections dedicated to an overview of the company’s Products and Services, followed by a Marketing Plan which includes a market analysis, such as a SWOT, a competition overview, marketing strategies to be used, the pricing strategy, and an overview of the distribution strategy. 


“Follow this up with an Operations Plan which describes how the company will make what it produces or provide services. 


Next is the Management section,  according to Nock, which provides an overview of the company leadership with enough biographical information for each leader to show the reader the experience that will help the company be successful. 


Before any appendices, the last section of the business plan is the Financial Plan. This section often includes a 3-year forecast along with other traditional financial reports. 


A seasoned executive-turned-consultant, Jeff Nock is highly skilled in business and strategic planning, sales, marketing, and leadership development. Nock, who’s based in Iowa City, Iowa, also holds a Master’s Degree in Management from Colorado’s Regis University.


Nock has previously written at length on topics including Christian leadership, business and startup mentoring, how to build a team, the importance of flexible focus for startups, strategic planning, market analysis, social entrepreneurship, and cash flow management, as well as how to balance being a father and a CEO.


Based in Iowa City, Iowa, founder and CEO of Prescient Consulting, LLC Jeff Nock boasts a demonstrated history of growing nonprofit organizations, startups, and established companies alike. Skilled in business and strategic planning, sales, marketing, and presentation development, now-established Iowa resident Nock also holds a master’s degree in management from Colorado’s Regis University and is a specialist in management development.