Jeff Nock Wraps up Another Successful Year at Prescient Consulting, LLC

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Jeff Nock Jeff Nock

After another successful year for Jeff Nock and his partners at Prescient Consulting, LLC, the business consultant wraps up 2019 and looks forward to 2020 and beyond

Following another successful year for business consultant Jeff Nock and his firm, Prescient Consulting, LLC, the Regis University graduate and specialist in management development has this week thanked his clients and stellar group of partners for a fantastic 2019. Wrapping up the year in style, Nock revisits the last 12 months and looks forward to the New Year.

“This has been another fantastic year for myself and my partners at Prescient Consulting, LLC,” said business consultant Jeff Nock recently, “and I’d like to thank them, my wonderful clients, and my family for the last 12 months as we look forward to the holidays, New Year, and 2020 and beyond.”

Throughout 2019, Nock has generously and selflessly shared numerous behind the scenes looks at his work at Prescient Consulting, LLC, explaining leadership team development, delving into brand consulting strategies, highlighting the importance of partnership development, revealing how to create a channel strategy, and much more. “From sharing proven pricing strategy examples to helping to define successful business model development, I think it’s important,” says Nock, “to offer an insight into the worlds of strategic planning, branding, sales, and marketing for those who wish to learn more.”

The selfless business consultant has also offered proven tips on how best to scale a business while explaining the concept of social entrepreneurship, describing how to evolve a company’s brand, and revealing the value of conducting periodic SWOT analyses. “Sharing years of business plan development knowledge, I’ve enjoyed providing an insight into business at Prescient Consulting, LLC,” Nock explains, “and look forward to doing more of the same during 2020 and beyond.”

Other topics touched on by business consultant Jeff Nock this year include market analysis, how to develop a leadership team within an organization, the importance of evolving culture within a company, the benefits of leadership development for individual leaders, and how consultants can help companies with internal operational efficiencies.

He’s also spoken openly and at length on Christian leadership, business and startup mentoring, the importance of flexible focus for startups, and how to balance being a father and a CEO.

“It can be a challenge to designate enough time to both your family and work, but it’s not impossible,” said Nock at the time. “The key, I believe,” he adds, wrapping up, “is good communication and scheduling.”

A graduate of Regis University in Denver, Colorado, Jeff Nock is the founder and CEO of Prescient Consulting, LLC, based in Iowa City, Iowa. Renowned for helping early-stage and mid-cap companies to achieve their visions and growth goals, Nock and his stellar group of partners have, together, now assisted more than 250 companies in building and executing successful strategic and business plans. To find out more, visit