Jeffery Steven Stone of Eurasian Capital, LLC Raises Capital for the Pharmaceutical Company

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Jeffery Steven Stone of Eurasian Capital, LLC Raises Capital for the Pharmaceutical Company


Eurasian Capital, LLC placement agent Jeffery Stone procured a bridge investment for Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc last month. Redwood Scientific is a pharmaceutical company based in Upland, CA. They work to develop, manufactures and markets the most cutting-edge over-the-counter FDA registered drugs. Produced in the form of a sublingual oral thin film strip. Redwood Scientific Technologies is set to launch six new products into the market during 2018. It also offers a significant range of products for the adult market.

The products offered by Redwood Scientific is their revolutionary oral strips, which allows for the same administration of drugs such as ibuprofen, but instead of pills or capsules, the drugs can be produced and imbibed using a mechanism no bigger than a postage stamp. So, instead of entering the bloodstream enterically, buccally or sublingually. This increases the onset and thereby, the effectiveness of the drug in question. According to Jeffery Steven Stone, such drugs companies are excited to investors who see great industry potential in the application possibilities of the oral strips.

About Jeffery Steven Stone

Jeffery Steven Stone received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin, Business School – University of Chicago, Booth, a career which spans over 30 years. Previously, he had worked on the sell-side as First V.P. at Lehman Bros. – Institutional Equity Sales prior to moving to the buy-side and incepting Eurasian Capital, LLC as Managing Partner Eurasian Capital, LLC. a Quant-driven long/short fund coupled with an institutional corporate finance platform. Jeffrey Steven Stone is gaining traction fast in this industry. Learn more about how you can improve your online reputation management so you can increase business just like Jeffery Stone.

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