Jeffrey Hussinger Discusses the 2019 Airline Travel Trends

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Jeffrey Hussinger Discusses the Airline Travel Trends Jeffrey Hussinger Discusses the Airline Travel Trends

Jeffrey Hussinger of Milwaukee has over 25 years of experience working in Information Systems in many different industries, including the airline industry. Aside from his experience in the airline industry sector, Jeffrey Hussinger has also worked for law firms, local government, and public health. With his extensive knowledge, Jeffrey J. Hussinger finds the current airline trends fascinating.

Several International Routes Will Increase

Although many international flights often only fly out of big cities, Jeffrey Hussinger points out the trends are now changing. In 2019, more and more mid-size cities saw an increase in international routes. Although British Airways started the trend by adding a flight from Nashville to London, other routes followed close behind. Philadelphia has become a recent hub as many people can now take flights out to Prague and Budapest. Since British Airways had success with their flights out of Philadelphia, they hope to add flights out of Pittsburgh and Charleston in the future.

More Long-Haul Flights

As someone who has worked in IS for the airline industry Jeffrey Hussinger is aware of the long-haul flights. He expects that after 2019, more airlines will increase their long-haul routes. Although Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, and Turkish Airlines are notorious for long-haul routes, Singapore Airlines will start to top them all. They will start service from Singapore to Newark and Seattle in the future as well.

Portuguese Airlines Will Thrive

While Iceland dominated the budget airline industry for some time, with the fall of WOW Air, it opened the market for other airlines. After the fall of WOW, Portugal’s airline, TAP Air, decided to step in. Even though TAP Air operates mostly within Europe, it has recently started exploring ways to have a presence in the U.S. According to Jeffrey Hussinger; TAP Air announced their plans to add flights out of more U.S. cities in the future. The airline hopes to add flights out of Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC in the near future.

Jeffrey Hussinger of Milwaukee has held different positions such as network manager, administrator, and help desk operator. Besides his professional experience, Jeffrey J. Hussinger also served as an active member of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Readers Advisory Committee. Some of his other interests include theatre and music. Jeffrey J. Hussinger plays several musical instruments and has performed with bands for local theater groups. Currently, Jeffrey Hussinger is in the process of obtaining a Public Health GIS certificate from the University of Illinois Chicago.