Jeffrey J. Hussinger Discusses Information Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Jeffrey J Hussinger Discusses Information Technology Trends to Watch Out for in Jeffrey J Hussinger Discusses Information Technology Trends to Watch Out for in

With over 25 years of experience working in Information Systems, Jeffrey J. Hussinger has seen many trends make an appearance over the years. He has worked in all positions of the field from the help desk, PC support, network manager, telecommunications specialist, and enterprise network administrator. Jeffrey J. Hussinger has held important positions in companies of diverse areas such as law firms, airlines, local government, outdoor sporting equipment manufacturers, and public health. Due to his experience, he is aware of these trends in information technology for 2019.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been helping companies access their files using a digital drive for a few years now. However, according to Jeffrey Hussinger, cloud computing will trend for the remainder of 2019 and will continue trending into 2020. According to a study done by Forbes, 83 percent of companies will use cloud computing to store their files.

Many companies have already resorted to cloud computing to organize their files, free storage in their local drives, and increase efficiency.


Jeffrey Hussinger says automation is another information technology trend to watch out for in 2019. For those who are not familiar, automation collects information from customers, vendors, accounting, and recognizes it. The goal of automation is to have a computer process mundane tasks and information rather than have an employee take the time. With automation, companies such as retailers can focus their resources elsewhere rather than have employees perform these tedious tasks. As more companies automate their systems, it also opens more opportunities for jobs in information technology.

Big Data Analytics

According to Jeffrey Hussinger, who has worked for companies such as Midwest Airlines, Johnson Outdoors, Racine County and the University of Baltimore Clinical Law Office, companies have always struggled to have a system analyze large quantities of data. Big data analytics provides a solution for businesses by analyzing and sorting large quantities of information. With the help of big data, companies can have a more manageable handle on their data and focus on their growth.

Mobile Computing and Applications

Since, now, over 77 percent of Americans have a smartphone, Jeffrey Hussinger has observed the need for mobile computing and applications in information technology. With the increase of smartphone and mobile usage, more and more businesses will have to resort to mobile computing to change the way they conduct business. More and more people are using their smartphones to do their shopping, banking, and conduct business. Those businesses that don’t adopt mobile computing in 2019 will lose out to their competition.

When he’s not busy with the latest information technology trends, Jeffrey Hussinger has enjoyed activities such as being a member of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Readers Advisory Committee from 2007-2008, singing in his church choir at Capitol Drive Lutheran Church and with Men’s Voices Milwaukee (2001-2004), and also country-western line dancing from 1993-2004 during which time he was a performing member and dance director.