Jeffrey J. Hussinger Talks About the 2020 Airline Travel Trends That Will Carry Over

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Jeffrey Hussinger Jeffrey Hussinger

As someone with over 25 years of experience in Information Systems, Jeffrey Hussinger has knowledge in different sectors, such as the airline industry. He talked about the airline trends in 2019, focusing on expanding international routes, long-haul flights, and the rise of Portuguese Airlines, but which trends will carry over to 2020? In the past decade, the airline industry also saw an increase of low-budget airlines, bankruptcies, and the rise in fuel prices. Jeffrey J. Hussinger talks more about it.Jeffrey Hussinger

Solutions to the Pilot Shortage

The airline industry, according to Jeffrey Hussinger, is notorious for having a pilot shortage. All of that is about to change in 2020. Most airlines are aware that if they don’t take steps to source pilots, they could be in trouble in the future. While many airlines recruit their pilots from the military, there won’t be enough pilots to supply future demand. Many programs will focus on attracting aviation and pilot training.

Passenger Priorities

Jeffrey J. Hussinger mentions that there has also been a shift in passenger priorities in the past few years, and airlines are paying attention. Of course, different passengers have their own set of preferences when it comes to travel. For example, while some people care about economy, others might care about comfort. Therefore, airlines now focus on offering more travel options to line up with customer priorities. Although many airlines have offered different tiers for years, they now make more of an effort to advertise.

More Air Travel

While there have been many different factors that contributed to the rise of air travel, according to Jeffrey Hussinger, more people than ever before are traveling. If the trends continue to rise, approximately 8.2 billion people will travel each year by the year 2037. This rise will increase job demand across the industry.

Asia on the Rise

Jeffrey Hussinger also points out there has been an increase in the Asian markets. Out of all the annual travelers, one-tenth in them are Chinese. Other Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, and Thailand are following close behind. If the Asian traveler trends continue to rise, they could make up 1 billion of all global passengers.

Jeffrey Hussinger is in the process of obtaining a Public Health GIS certificate from the University of Illinois Chicago. He has held different positions such as network manager, administrator, and help desk operator. Some of his other interests include theatre and music. Jeffrey J. Hussinger plays several musical instruments and has performed with bands for local theater groups.